The Necessary Reform and Path to Move Forward for Steve Ritchie and Papa John’s

The wise man would say that being human is an excuse enough to commit mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable and are as natural as a baby crying for food. This maxim or insight would have to best represent the current events happening to Papa John’s and its CEO Steve Ritchie. In an article from INC, people can learn that Steve Ritchie is now officially posting a public apology for the backlash that Papa John’s has recently overcome. The backlash involved an indiscreet or overlooked set of words uttered by the former administration of Papa Johns, but through Steve Ritchie’s apology, is now resolved.

According to Crunchbase, it should also be added that CEO Steve Ritchie is now implementing new policies, reforms or changes into Papa John’s management. After crafting a sincere apology letter to its customers, Steve Ritchie stated that he will use his 22 years of working for Papa John’s as a tool to push for more necessary reforms. He also cited that the backlash recently received by the firm was in no way a representation of his views for the firm. He added that his leadership would also tolerate no form of racism or insensitive language that could put into jeopardy the performance of the company.

With more than 120,000 employees for Papa John’s, it’s a big responsibility for Steve Ritchie Papa Johns to always do things right. In this path, he decided to make sure that Papa John’s would not only be offering better pizza for its customers, but also the kind of inspiring management style that is worth emulating. He even highlighted in his statements that Papa John’s is a community with local owners and operators, and for that alone, the company should be offering the best service it can offer.

One of the many changes in the administration of Steve Ritchie’s Papa John’s is the fact that its senior management would go around the country to visit the branches and give a talk on how to move forward. This move will ensure that all employees are on the same page and path to continue growing a multinational firm as ominous as Papa John’s. Follow Steve on Twitter.