Great businessman; Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a businessman born in Malaysia and educated in Europe. His e-commerce based conglomerate QI group ventures in various fields including travel, telecommunications, media and corporate investments. Vijay is a trained economist who studied at the London School of Economics. On graduating, he took up several jobs in Europe and North America before returning to Asia in 1998.

Vijay had an interest in Multi-level Marketing and this fuelled his passion to venture into direct selling and e-commerce. The global company that he founded has subsidiaries all over South East Asia and is expanding into Africa.

As a philanthropist, motivational speaker and writer, Vijay has inspired the world to dream bigger and become better. His first book, In the Sphere of Silence talks of his personal philosophy of starting each day with an hour of silence. His latest work is Two minutes from the Abyss. The book is filled with great stories from Vijay’s path which guide readers on being successful leaders and organized people.

Vijay advises people to have a clear vision on all matters. He stresses that even as a leader, it is important to convey a clear vision so that your employees know exactly what is expected of them. This not only achieves a common goal but also promotes inclusivity in decision making and clarity of the mission.

Motivational speaking is a strong suit for the Malaysian businessman. Vijay Eswaran has given speeches at various business and management forums. His philosophies focus on personal development and discipline as a leader.

Fear and change scare many people inhibiting their potential. Vijay advises people to accept change and be adaptive to new situations. Personal growth comes from change within the individual and when used well, makes you a better human. Vijay encourages people to tap into the fear inside them and use it to move from their comfort zones and into success.