Remarkable Leadership with Luiz Carlos Trabuco

     The role of leadership in any institution is an honor and privilege that not everyone maximizes. Leadership is all about giving and not ruling, and that is what many executives do not fully exploit. One man, Trabuco Bradesco does it so well that it seems like he was born to yield power. His leadership skills set him apart from all the others before him. Trabuco Bradesco is the President of Bradesco, one of the largest banks in Brazil. His journey to the top took time, but the experience he gained along the way worked in his favor.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco first worked for the bank as a teller; however, he did not remain in this position for long. He went on to work in different divisions of the bank. At one point he headed the insurance division and increased its profits significantly. This transformation led to him being named the Insurance Personality of the Year in 2003 and 2007. Later on, he was the Managing Director then the COO, CEO and then he arrived at the position of President.

Throughout his leadership positions, Trabuco Bradesco demonstrated visionary leadership and has remained committed to ensuring that the bank remains at the top. His first challenge as Chief Executive Officer was to reclaim the bank’s position in the banking industry which had been occupied by its rival Itau Unibanco. To achieve this, he acquired HSBC’s Brazilian bank for $5.2 billion which was instrumental in expanding the market share of the bank and reinstating its position.

With his remarkable leadership skills, he was able to revolutionize the operations of the bank in areas such as branch network, total investment funds and the number of account holders. He is a leader who allows other people to voice their opinions as well as sieving through their opinions to establish the ones that carry great strategy. Trabuco believes in confidence and hope and this spirit has made him successful in every leadership role he has occupied in the bank.

The household name that is Trabuco Bradesco is respected throughout Brazil. The success Trabuco has achieved in Brazil has been set in stone in the history of the Brazilian banking industry. He received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2015 and remains committed to taking Bradesco to greater heights.