NetPicks Providing Fundamental Forex Trading Knowledge

NetPicks, an online trading company advice people, to trade in currency pairs movements. FX trading which is also known as currency trading, Forex trading, or foreign exchange trading provides traders with opportunities to trade currency pairs in a market that is not centralized. This is done through electronic over-the-counter financial exchanges based in world’s leading cities such as New York, Paris, Sydney, London, and Tokyo.

When one market closes, another one opens in another city. For example, when the market in Sydney closes, traders can still conduct trading in the Tokyo market. This provides traders with an opportunity to trade at any time of the day. NetPicks offers active signals and chats with can help traders to make trades in 24 hours a day.


Traders mostly prefer making trades on the spot which is also known as spot trading, but they can also carry out trades though future markets and forward markets. Futures and forwards markets are recommended for the business persons who would like to hedge their risks.

NetPicks says that one of the reasons that make FX trading an attractive venture is due to its liquidity characteristic ( In a given day, about $5.2 trillion is traded in forex trading. Unlike stock markers which provide various investment choices, FX trading offers limited trading options which are usually in major currency pairs.

How NetPicks advises trades on how to carry out trades

  • Before making any trade, determine the risk factors of the chosen currency pairs.
  • Purchase a pair with the wager that the base currency will increase in price as compared to the quote currency.
  • Sell a pair on the wager that the quote currency will decrease in price as compared to the base currency.
  • Place a sell or a buy order. A trader can be able to see the possible loss, potential profit and market price in real time. With this information, a trader can shut down current orders or place new ones.
  • After a trader closes down his or her trades, he or she can be able to see the possible loss or potential loss.

NetPicks also advises amateur traders to study the market first before carrying out any trades.

More about NetPicks

The firm was established in 1996. NetPicks is there to help traders to achieve all their financial goals. Lead by Mark Soberman who is the CEO of the firm, NetPicks provides excellent information about FX trading (