Launch your Real Estate Career with Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is an expert real estate investor, and a proud owner of his own real estate school. Nick owns the NV Real Estate Academy. He founded the company in 2014, and Nick holds the position of Chief Executive Officer. Nick started the Real Estate Academy with one primary mission in mind. His goal is to teach others how to make money in their own successful career in real estate. He wants to help all of his students build wealth and to secure a stronger financial future for themselves and their families.

He has encountered his share of difficulties in his life. In his earlier years, Nick did not have the money to even pay the bills, let alone to plan for his financial future. He was born into very humble beginnings. When Nick was 10 years old, he lost his father. Life was a real struggle for his family. Nick Vertucci was at a low point in his life when he discovered real estate. His interest in real estate started when he attended a real estate training course. He immediately started out by flipping houses. Nick would search for good deals at a low price, rehab the house, and then flip it to the next owner for a profit.

He knew he had to stay focused to achieve his goals. Nick worked hard and he studied hard, and he learned everything he could learn about real estate. Nick Vertucci had become an expert real estate investor, and he was making money at it. In 2014, Nick Vertucci decided to open the NV Real Estate Academy. He was ready to begin on his mission. Nick created the most comprehensive training courses for his students. He took it step by step for them, in order that his students would reap the benefits of his own hands-on experience. Nick is a mentor to the thousands of new entrepreneurs that he trains at the Academy. He is there to answer their questions from day one. Nick Vertucci and the NV Real Estate Academy have proudly launched many new careers in real estate investing.