The Ins and Outs of Rodrigo Terpins’ Life on the Race Tracks

The race tracks of Brazil have been good to Rodrigo Terpins, who at present is one of the best drivers in the country’s rally circuit.



Before he entered the racing world, Rodrigo Terpins finished his studies and found his first employment with Lojas Marisa where he did his duties well and assisted in the growth and expansion of the business. After some time, he was promoted as the President of the said clothing shop for women. After his worked at Lojas Marisa, he started his own company called T5 Partipacoes, a firm that arranges racing events. He is the Senior Director of the latter company from its inception in 2008 up to the present.



Despite his busy work schedule outside the race tracks, Rodrigo was able to squeeze in some time to join rally competitions and win some of them. His flair for car racing is influenced by his father (Jack Terpins) and brother’s love for sports. While he and his brother, Michel Terpins were into the rally sports, their father took up basketball when he was young. Jack Terpins played basketball professionally for Hebraica.



Every year, race car drivers and racing fans look forward to the Sertoes Rally. It is an annual event where race car enthusiasts from Brazil and other countries congregate together and compete against each other. In the said competitions, Rodrigo Terpins uses the T-Rex, a car made by the MEM Motorsport, which is constructed with a V8 engine and fitted with a carbon seal.



Rodrigo Terpins is a part of the Bull Sertoes Team, along with his usual partner Fabricio Manchiani, his brother Michel Terpins, and Maykel Justo (Michel’s navigator). The Bull Sertoes Team is one of the most excellent team in the Brazilian racing circuit that have won numerous trophies for their exemplary driving skills.



To maintain another dimension of his existence outside the race tracks, Rodrigo Terpins have several accounts in the social network media. He has a registered account in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Instagram. His goal in having the cited accounts is to be able to keep in touch with his racing fans as well as to preserve a wholesome image and presence online. You can checkout for more info.