The End Citizens United fight is not in vain.

The Supreme Court passed the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling after the Citizens United took the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case to the court in 2010. The Citizens United took the case to the Supreme Court after they lost in the federal courts in 2008.

The 2008 case followed a demand by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to the Citizens United to reveal the sponsors of a 90 minutes-long campaign ad aired on the television. The ad was known as Hillary: The Movie which sought to oppose Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidential office.

The ruling indicates that the government has no right to interfere with fundraising conducted by organizations aimed to finance campaigns. The government also cannot regulate the spending of funds by a specific organization in a particular campaign. Many feel that this ruling has tied the government hands in limiting the power of organizations to determine an election result.

Many political organizations have risen to reverse the Citizens United v. FEC ruling together with its effects. They are also seeking a legal way to end the Citizens United. Among the leading organizations in the fight is End Citizens United that was established on March 1, 2015. It upholds it stand by raising money for its activities from grassroots.

The organization has its headquarters based in Washington, DC. The following are experienced and able leaders of End Citizens United: Tiffany Muller (President and Executive Director), Matt Burgess (Executive Vice President), Adam Bozzi (Communications Director), Anne Feldman (Press Secretary), Andrew Lasker (Finance Director) and Jordan Wood (Political Director). A well-abled board also characterizes the organization.

The preparations for the 2018 election cycle are underway. It aims at raising $35 million for its activities this year. The endorsement of 130 candidates for 2018 has already been carried out. These are to finance from the corporate PAC funding. The End Citizens United seeks to help candidates that turn down colossal financing offers from individuals and corporate PAC.

This year, the corporation targets politicians who accept the “big money” finance. It has named them “the Big Money 20.” The organization’s reason for targeting these leaders is the claim that the leaders have upheld policies favoring their donor’s interests rather than the ordinary people.

With the help of several other factors, End Citizens United is succeeding in its efforts. For example, among the many Republican retirements is the Congress House Speaker Paul Ryan, one of “the Big Money 20.”

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Why Netpicks Thinks A Simple Trading Strategy Works Better Than Complex Methods

There’s so much noise in the world of investment and stock trading. In fact, according to Netpicks and experts like Nassim Taleb, it is usually this noise that hinders one’s assets to grow and one’s decision-making skills to be clouded. Fortunately, there are now alternatives that can lower the rate of distortion and noise in an investment strategy, and increase the traders’ opportunity to grow their portfolio. In a recent article from Netpicks, it is claimed that one right way to do this is through the use of “simple trading” techniques.

Overlooked Simple Trading Strategy

When Netpicks proposes the idea of simple trading, it doesn’t’ mean that one should just put all the assets in random funds and hope for the best. Doing that seems to make one’s assets more vulnerable to hidden risks and blow-ups. What Netpicks proposes is a trading style whose risks are still calculated through a robust risk management set-up but still allows for the edge and benefits to play out over time.

One problem right now with most traders is that they rely too much on various data, such as news releases, trading indicators, finance forums, investor guide sites and anything that shells out advice for any trader. While there’s inherently nothing wrong with understanding the principles in all of this data, relying too much on them makes a trader fall into the trap of what is aptly called an options or analysis paralysis.

When this paralysis happens, a trader misses significant data that helps grow their assets and even harms their trading activity in the process, not unlike what happens when one who is distracted by too much light and noise in the street gets harmed when he crosses it.

However, Netpicks offers a precaution. Only you can decide whether a simple approach works better on you. The best way to know the effect of a more straightforward approach is to use the simple strategy in a trade cycle, and then compare the results with the last run of your trades that don’t use more straightforward procedures.

About Netpicks

Netpicks is an online trading education resource founded in 1996 headed by Mark Soberman ( The trading education and systems offered by Netpicks come from a coaching team that’s composed of actual and experienced traders.

It is the goal of Netpicks in the last 25 years of its personal trading experience to offer both beginners and advanced traders the basic principles to start and to prosper in their trading journey.

Glen Wakeman Does So Much To Help Entrepreneurs Find The Success They Have Been Seeking

Glen Wakeman is more than familiar with what it takes to be a living success, and he loves to help others find ways to be successful, as well. He has found a way to do this through his company, LaunchPad Holdings, LLC., where he mentors and guides early-stage entrepreneurs, which helps them to get their ideas off of the ground ( Wakeman started out his young life by attending the University of Scranton where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Economics and Finance. He decided to get more schooling and studied at the University of Chicago until he received his MBA.

After finishing up his education, Glen Wakeman decided to work with GE Capital where he remained for the next 20 years of his life. During his time with GE, he lived and worked in 6 different countries, which taught him a lot about doing business on an international level. He worked in many different leadership roles while with the company including roles in its business development departments, general management, and with the management of its overall operations. The culmination of his experience with the company led to him being the CEO of GE Money Latin America. It was in this role that he helped to construct operations for the company that spanned 9 different countries and earned more than $2 billion with 17,000 employees under him.

What many people don’t know about Glen Wakeman is that he is a great writer on top of everything else he does. On his blog, he writes engaging content, and he produces quite a bit of it. In his writing, readers find plenty of information that can help them get their ideas off of the ground and that help them to be better entrepreneurs. Wakeman also mentors early-stage entrepreneurs directly through his company LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. and Nova Four. Many hopeful entrepreneurs have been more than happy with the advise that Wakeman has shared with them, and so many people have found success after the time they have spent with him. This is what satisfies him the most, and he plans on continuing to increase entrepreneurs chances of finding the same kind of success he has in his life.



The Establishment of GreenSky Credit Corporate

GreenSky is a financial technology company situated in the US. It’s on the list of the companies that are growing at an exponential pace. It’s a mobile company that has eased the businesses of various customers. The company’s services have introduced a platform that doesn’t involve any paper. Moreover, the process is speedy and reliable. GreenSky credit is a company that has endeavored in consumer satisfaction. Within a short period of time, the firm has managed to change the face of the consumer credit marketplace. With a reliable team of top rated investors from around the globe, the company is destined to go places in the next couple of years.

The company was founded in the year 2006. It was established by one of the geniuses in credit management, David Zalik. Zalik has had a very successful career since he was a young boy. Many times he would bypass his math class in high school to attend math’s courses at Auburn University. At the age of 14, Zalik followed in his father’s footsteps. His dad loved algebra and mathematics in general. Zalik studied mathematics and later launched his own business. While still a freshman in college, he had already started his MicroTech information Systems. He purchased computer parts and assembled them and then sold to the students in his college.

With time, his business grew and started selling refurbished computers to companies. He ended up selling software’s to very great corporates. Zalik ran his MicroTech business for eight years. After seeing that he had become successful, he dropped from college and relocated to Atlanta where he founded two other companies. Zalik did this after selling his MicroTech system company. Zalik slowly developed the two companies and ended up founding another company called GreenSky credit. GreenSky Credit has partnered with several banks to streamline the process of credit access to customers in the US. Last year, GreenSky credit was valued at $3.6 billion. GreenSky credit works with merchant retailers whom they offer instant loans. For years now, under the leadership of Zalik, GreenSky credit has been able to register positive results in the marketplace.

End Citizens United Will Never Stop Working to End Special Interest Money in Politics

The Supreme Court decision of Citizens United has created jeopardy in the democracy of the United States. Citizens United was a decision by the supreme court that permitted money going into campaigns to become untraceable amounts. It allowed for corporations to be protected as if they are individual citizen’s with a right to freedom of speech. The freedom of speech that they are given is to donate as much money as they want. This money toward campaigns then influences the voting decisions of politicians. This makes candidates bought off. This creates disillusionment amongst citizens who are seeing big money buying votes in their government. This decision has made a growing number of American citizens to lose faith in the system and to desire change. The End Citizens United organization was founded in 2008 by some citizens who want to see change.

End Citizens United was founded to bring more attention to the issue of big money in politics and the various ways it has warped decisions that could improve the lives of the American people. End Citizens United has collected grassroots level donations from average Americans. They do not accept donations from individuals that are outrageous amounts. ECU gives the donation money they collect to candidates who have taken a vow to not accept any special interest money. A list of the candidates that the organization supports is listed on their website. They also only give campaign donation money to candidates who want to reverse the decision of Citizens United.

To support End Citizens United, every citizen can donate a contribution on their website. In addition to collecting contributions on their website, the organization also has a web store. Proceeds from the sales on their web store go to the campaign donations too. The store carries tshirts, buttons, magnets, coffee mugs, and hoodies.

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Forex Trading Tip from Netpicks Technologies

Forex trading is a lucrative business, but success depends on one’s knowledge. Netpicks gives a few tips for beginners and growing forex traders. The first thing to know is that trading happens with currency pairs. It is all about speculating the rise and decline of these currencies. Trading could be done over the counter or online. Due to convenience and enabling technologies, most traders prefer an online platform.

If Netpicks Technologies becomes your preferred online platform, you will be guaranteed support from customer service and other professionals, check Charts and active signals are available for throughout because the market is always open. Another essential aspect of forex trading is to understand the features. One property of currencies is volatility, which is a benefit. It increases trading opportunities because of the frequent changes in value.

The market only chooses strong pairs of currencies for trading. Therefore, not all currencies will be available. It also means that traders ought to be wise in determining their currency pairs. Knowing the ideal pairs and more information is always available at Netpicks. Doing this business with inadequate information is risky.

Since 1996, Netpicks has been operational in forex trading. The company thrives on its determination and dedication to educating traders. By doing so, traders become successful in this business, and these two parties move forward together. Netpicks is under the capable leadership of Mark Soberman. Check this interview on  He heads a team of highly skilled employees with a wealth of experience too.

Forex trading is always misconceived as a part-time job. While it may be so in some instances, this job is a full-time career and Netpicks is ready to support such people. Staffs are good at customer service, and they give a fast response to inquiries and requests. Many people have succeeded with Netpicks because this is not just business for the company. Passion and zeal are the drivers of the firm.

Netpicks professionals advise present and future traders that this business is not a get-rich-quick scheme. One has to be patient and work hard to thrive in trading. It is a business like any other where people are bound to gain or lose. Be realistic and set practical goals for your business.

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The Importance of Mindset When Learning From Netpicks

One of the most common factors that people name when it comes to success with different trading markets is the mindset. This is one of the reasons that people wind up finding different types of information and either fail or succeed. Some people get desperate in looking for a magic bullet and wind up finding someone who is just as desperate to make money. They sell the individual a magic bullet only for that individual to find out that it does not work for them. However, people who have more of a realistic mindset tend to find Netpicks. Then they get the right type of information.

One of the reasons that it is important to have the right mindset is that many things that are going to bring about significant income are going to need to be mastered. If people do not have the right mindset, then they are less likely to master it. Netpicks encourages people to master their mindset first before trying to look for the most effective strategy (  As a matter of fact, Netpicks makes it clear that there is no strategy that is fail safe. The only thing that is going to be fail safe is the right mindset and understanding about the market.


One of the most important aspects of the mindset according to Netpicks is the mindset around loss. When people have the right mindset towards loss, they make themselves more successful. For one thing, when they find themselves on a losing streak in the market, they don’t give up. However, they may take a break from it and come back later. For one thing, it is not necessary for the person to be constantly trading in the market. As a matter of fact, some of the most successful traders are the ones that are always taking breaks.


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Journey into the Life of Accomplished Billionaire Chris Burch

Journey into the Life of Accomplished Billionaire Chris Burch

“The life of an entrepreneur is often as difficult as it is rewarding”, words by J. Christopher Burch. He is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, an entrepreneur who has been an active investor, investing in a number of industries for about forty years now. The year 1976 was the beginning of Mr. Burch’s entrepreneurship career. Ever since he has been a force to reckon with in the realms of innovation and implementation.

His understanding of consumer behaviour and know how on sourcing infrastructure and direct-to-consumer channels has helped him achieve quite a diverse investment portfolio. Mr. Chris is behind the rise of over 50 companies, contributing more and more to the well-being of these companies. He had started a company, C.Wonder, which he sold to another company, Xcel Brands, in 2011. Some of the major brand portfolios Mr. Burch has contributed to include ED by Ellen Degeneres, Cocoon9, Bur+Mah, Jawbone, Poppin, TRADEMARK and Nihiwatu among others.

Nihiwatu, his Indonesian resort, was named number one in the Travel+Leisure’s Annual World Best Awards. On a visit to Nihi Sumba Island, he came across this fascinating land with beautiful white beaches and grandstanding exotic culture. There and then he had this goal of creating a luxury experience which also preserved the islands native beauty. Nihiwatu is a haven that boasts of luxurious accommodations, surfing, fishing, wellness, spa safari and excursions. Here, you are bound to reconnect with the earth and community.

Mr. Chris has played the role of board member for various foundations and co-operatives. Not only has he been a board member but also generously funds these foundations. He continues to use his entrepreneurship skills to conquer and reach new heights in the world of business, working hard to realize his vision for brand new market opportunities and businesses that positively influence the consumers’ lives.

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Launch your Real Estate Career with Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is an expert real estate investor, and a proud owner of his own real estate school. Nick owns the NV Real Estate Academy. He founded the company in 2014, and Nick holds the position of Chief Executive Officer. Nick started the Real Estate Academy with one primary mission in mind. His goal is to teach others how to make money in their own successful career in real estate. He wants to help all of his students build wealth and to secure a stronger financial future for themselves and their families.

He has encountered his share of difficulties in his life. In his earlier years, Nick did not have the money to even pay the bills, let alone to plan for his financial future. He was born into very humble beginnings. When Nick was 10 years old, he lost his father. Life was a real struggle for his family. Nick Vertucci was at a low point in his life when he discovered real estate. His interest in real estate started when he attended a real estate training course. He immediately started out by flipping houses. Nick would search for good deals at a low price, rehab the house, and then flip it to the next owner for a profit.

He knew he had to stay focused to achieve his goals. Nick worked hard and he studied hard, and he learned everything he could learn about real estate. Nick Vertucci had become an expert real estate investor, and he was making money at it. In 2014, Nick Vertucci decided to open the NV Real Estate Academy. He was ready to begin on his mission. Nick created the most comprehensive training courses for his students. He took it step by step for them, in order that his students would reap the benefits of his own hands-on experience. Nick is a mentor to the thousands of new entrepreneurs that he trains at the Academy. He is there to answer their questions from day one. Nick Vertucci and the NV Real Estate Academy have proudly launched many new careers in real estate investing.

The Ins and Outs of Rodrigo Terpins’ Life on the Race Tracks

The race tracks of Brazil have been good to Rodrigo Terpins, who at present is one of the best drivers in the country’s rally circuit.



Before he entered the racing world, Rodrigo Terpins finished his studies and found his first employment with Lojas Marisa where he did his duties well and assisted in the growth and expansion of the business. After some time, he was promoted as the President of the said clothing shop for women. After his worked at Lojas Marisa, he started his own company called T5 Partipacoes, a firm that arranges racing events. He is the Senior Director of the latter company from its inception in 2008 up to the present.



Despite his busy work schedule outside the race tracks, Rodrigo was able to squeeze in some time to join rally competitions and win some of them. His flair for car racing is influenced by his father (Jack Terpins) and brother’s love for sports. While he and his brother, Michel Terpins were into the rally sports, their father took up basketball when he was young. Jack Terpins played basketball professionally for Hebraica.



Every year, race car drivers and racing fans look forward to the Sertoes Rally. It is an annual event where race car enthusiasts from Brazil and other countries congregate together and compete against each other. In the said competitions, Rodrigo Terpins uses the T-Rex, a car made by the MEM Motorsport, which is constructed with a V8 engine and fitted with a carbon seal.



Rodrigo Terpins is a part of the Bull Sertoes Team, along with his usual partner Fabricio Manchiani, his brother Michel Terpins, and Maykel Justo (Michel’s navigator). The Bull Sertoes Team is one of the most excellent team in the Brazilian racing circuit that have won numerous trophies for their exemplary driving skills.



To maintain another dimension of his existence outside the race tracks, Rodrigo Terpins have several accounts in the social network media. He has a registered account in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Instagram. His goal in having the cited accounts is to be able to keep in touch with his racing fans as well as to preserve a wholesome image and presence online. You can checkout for more info.