Stansberry Research Advises Concerning the Economy

Stansberry Research exists so that you can get true economic advice without worrying if somebody’s political affiliation is tampering with the research. Everything in America right now is about politics. Perhaps now more so than ever there is a line drawn down the middle of this once united country. That line even divides us economically. The media outlets, which are owned by the two parties, report in accordance to the party that owns them.

The Founder’s Purpose

Frank Porter Stansberry wanted to have an economic research group that did not have to play in harmony with a certain party. His independent research group spans over 100 different countries and employs more than 500,000 workers.

This freedom from the weight that comes with political affiliations has allowed him to report accurately on the recent negative decisions that Donald Trump has made.

The Company Report

Stansberry Research is reporting through its Maryland office, Florida office, and California office, that workers should suspect inflation to occur now that the national deficit has increased by over 15%. As inflation goes up the power of the dollar goes down. Stansberry Research is telling people to buy the big items now because your money will not be worth as much a few years down the road.

Stansberry Research is also describing how the hiking up of tariffs within the United States of America will ultimately burden the American citizen. President Donald Trump is attempting to strong arm businesses to bring the jobs back to the USA. One way he is doing that is by increasing the tariff on aluminum and steel by 10% and 25% respectively. Unfortunately, Stansberry Research is predicting this will not help out the steel industry in any way. The reason jobs are not in the United States of America is due to the fact that is nearly cost prohibitive (YouTube). The steel industry will simply increase the price of goods which will ultimately her the American citizen was dollar is now worth last that it once was.

Even Gary Cohn, a member of the Don’s presidential cabinet, advised President Donald Trump to take on a different strategy.