Netpicks- Helping You With Forex Trading

FX trading sounds like a sci-fi movie, or a special effects technique used in Hollywood. Actually, it’s all about foreign exchange trading, also known as Forex.

According to Netpicks, the online trading strategy company, FX trading allows traders to invest in the price movements of currency pairs. This is typically between two major currencies, such as the dollar versus the yen, or the euro versus the yen. Small currencies are also traded, such as the Mexican peso, but they are more volatile, and not as popular.  Read more on

Netpicks provides comprehensive charts and a live feed, allowing traders to earn their keep around the clock as the markets shift with the time zones. For example, when Wall Street shuts down for the day, Sydney is opening its doors.



The Forex market is popular because it’s very liquid. Over $5.2 trillion dollars worth of trades are made daily. Netpicks has a few hints for FX traders to guide them to success (

Study the market before you begin trading. Education will improve your chances for success.

There are many variables at work in Forex trading. These include news stories and political events, weather forecasting, and changing monetary policies.

Netpicks has been a leader in online trading since 1996. This is close to the beginning of the industry, and Netpicks has played a major role in opening the doors to online traders. Their sole focus is helping regular online and swing traders to be successful. They deal in all the major markets, including Futures, Forex, Options, Stocks, and ETF’s.

The Netpicks staff puts their money where their mouth is. All of them trade daily and know the highs and lows of day trading. Located in Irving, Texas, this team of actual traders are experts, and want nothing more than to pass this information on to others to help them make more money.