Perry Mandera Has Worked Hard In His Career To Get To Where He Is

Perry Mandera is well-known in the transportation and logistics industry. He has worked hard to become well-known and to get where he is today. Here is more about his career, as well as other interesting info about him.


Perry Mandera’s Career

At a young age, Perry Mandera joined the United States Marine Corps Reserves. During his military career, he learn how to operate trucks. He left the military after receiving an honorable discharge.

Shortly after returning to civilian life, he decided to work for transportation companies. His entrepreneurial side started to show at a young age, and this led to him launching his own company. He ran the company between 1980 and 1985, but then he sold it.

About a year later (1986), The Custom Companies was launched. To this day, Perry Mandera is still the CEO of the company, which serves many types of businesses, including a number of Fortune 100 corporations.


Perry Mandera And Charitable Efforts

Perry Mandera may be busy with working and running a business, but he believes in helping out whenever possible. This shows via his charitable efforts. He and his company continues to sponsors various youth sports teams throughout the Chicago area. He has also coached basketball and football teams, as well as supported a number of professional boxers. The Custom Cares Charities was also launched by Perry Mandera. Through this, he focuses on helping causes that affect children.


Other Interesting Info

Perry Mandera has both a LinkedIn page and a Twitter profile. He also maintains a WordPress blog. This is where he writes about various topics related to his industry and his company.

The Custom Companies continues to thrive under the leadership of Perry Mandera. You can visit his company’s website or Perry Mandera’s blog, ( if you want to find out more about what he and his company does.