Tony Petrello And His Philanthropy Initiatives

Tony Petrello is a businessman and a philanthropist. He is popularly known for being the best-paid CEO. Tony serves at Nabors industries Ltd as the chief executive officer and as the chairman. Nabors Industries is a competitive company in oil and gas industry, and Tony has helped the company rise to massive growth under his tenure hence his impressive earnings.

Tony Petrello has raised from a humble beginning, and his parents were working-class family. He got a scholarship and attended Yale University where he exercised his passion in mathematics. He graduated in BS and MS. Later on, he joined Harvard Law School where he studied law.

He started his career journey at Baker & McKenzie where he passionately served for over a decade in various positions. He managed to rise to the post of managing partner of the organization in New York office. He later joined Nabors industries ltd as a chief operating officer.

Recently, Tony Petrello hosted Tommy Tune a Broadway celebrity at his home. Tony and his wife Cynthia organized a colorful event for the superstar as he returned to Houston. Tony also hosted 50 other guests who were joined by the Miller Outdoor. Tommy had returned to perform at the Tommy Tune Tonight Event. Over 5,000 fans attended the event. Tommy enjoyed the night as his hosts entertained him.

Tony and his wife are known for their charity and philanthropic activities across the country. He started giving back to the community before he even became the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. After the birth of their premature daughter, Tony and his wife continued their philanthropic efforts in support of charitable institutions.

He has then supported financially scientific researchers and institution in the medical industry. Tony does so hoping to help her daughter improve and have a normal life and other children born with such complications. He has donated over $ 5 Million to researchers to conduct more research.

Carena, Tony’s daughter, was diagnosed with a neurological disorder which has effects on the brain hence hindering her to walk, eat or speak. But unlike most children, Carena managed to chew her food for the first time while she was seven years. The girl is a motivation to her father to keep donating money to find a cure. Tony recently pledged to give $ 2 million to the researchers. The daughter also suffers from periventricular leukomalacia which is common for most premature babies.