Malcolm Casselle — A Tech Industry Legend

Modern cryptocurrencies have been used for many things. They have been used to build applications, to keep privacy, and to manage entire startups. The uses for blockchain technology are starting to seem endless. As a matter of fact, there is a new company that has created an entire coin based on egaming used on the blockcjain. Malcolm CasSelle is turning the gaming industry on its ear by introducing the first gaming token we have seen. The company is called OPSkins. Their main product is virtual assets. They are the number one bitcoin merchant on the planet and have used their gaming model to allow users to trade in-game currency and objects for cryptocurrency. The protocol for decentralization has not been perfected yet on the game platform; however, users are able to utilize the decentralized and anonymous nature of the blockchain to trade their currency across borders. Malcolm CasSelle and OPSkins is preparing to launch WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange) in order to make it easier for their gamers to transfer funds and trade on their native platform. It will be designed as a P2P marketplace maintained by the user base. The smart contracts traded on the blockchain will allow users to trade their gaming currency and in-game assets for cryptocurrencies over the secure blockchain.


Malcolm CasSelle has a long history in the tech industry. He has headed some of the most successful startups that are still in business today. His early years were spent working with Facebook, Zynga, and a few bitcoin related companies. His co-founding of Netnoir in 1995 gave the world a preview into the future he had planned. He was going to be successful. From 1998 to 2002 he maintained a position as CEO of Pacific Century cyberworks, a telecom company based in Hong Kong. He has been a top executive at Groupon during their joint venture with a Chinese company based in instant messaging called Tencent. His works have made him one of the most respected men in the industry and it has paid off by creating wealth and status for his family. He continues to achieve great things in the tech industry.