Stansberry Research Advises Concerning the Economy

Stansberry Research exists so that you can get true economic advice without worrying if somebody’s political affiliation is tampering with the research. Everything in America right now is about politics. Perhaps now more so than ever there is a line drawn down the middle of this once united country. That line even divides us economically. The media outlets, which are owned by the two parties, report in accordance to the party that owns them.

The Founder’s Purpose

Frank Porter Stansberry wanted to have an economic research group that did not have to play in harmony with a certain party. His independent research group spans over 100 different countries and employs more than 500,000 workers.

This freedom from the weight that comes with political affiliations has allowed him to report accurately on the recent negative decisions that Donald Trump has made.

The Company Report

Stansberry Research is reporting through its Maryland office, Florida office, and California office, that workers should suspect inflation to occur now that the national deficit has increased by over 15%. As inflation goes up the power of the dollar goes down. Stansberry Research is telling people to buy the big items now because your money will not be worth as much a few years down the road.

Stansberry Research is also describing how the hiking up of tariffs within the United States of America will ultimately burden the American citizen. President Donald Trump is attempting to strong arm businesses to bring the jobs back to the USA. One way he is doing that is by increasing the tariff on aluminum and steel by 10% and 25% respectively. Unfortunately, Stansberry Research is predicting this will not help out the steel industry in any way. The reason jobs are not in the United States of America is due to the fact that is nearly cost prohibitive (YouTube). The steel industry will simply increase the price of goods which will ultimately her the American citizen was dollar is now worth last that it once was.

Even Gary Cohn, a member of the Don’s presidential cabinet, advised President Donald Trump to take on a different strategy.

Netpicks- Helping You With Forex Trading

FX trading sounds like a sci-fi movie, or a special effects technique used in Hollywood. Actually, it’s all about foreign exchange trading, also known as Forex.

According to Netpicks, the online trading strategy company, FX trading allows traders to invest in the price movements of currency pairs. This is typically between two major currencies, such as the dollar versus the yen, or the euro versus the yen. Small currencies are also traded, such as the Mexican peso, but they are more volatile, and not as popular.  Read more on

Netpicks provides comprehensive charts and a live feed, allowing traders to earn their keep around the clock as the markets shift with the time zones. For example, when Wall Street shuts down for the day, Sydney is opening its doors.



The Forex market is popular because it’s very liquid. Over $5.2 trillion dollars worth of trades are made daily. Netpicks has a few hints for FX traders to guide them to success (

Study the market before you begin trading. Education will improve your chances for success.

There are many variables at work in Forex trading. These include news stories and political events, weather forecasting, and changing monetary policies.

Netpicks has been a leader in online trading since 1996. This is close to the beginning of the industry, and Netpicks has played a major role in opening the doors to online traders. Their sole focus is helping regular online and swing traders to be successful. They deal in all the major markets, including Futures, Forex, Options, Stocks, and ETF’s.

The Netpicks staff puts their money where their mouth is. All of them trade daily and know the highs and lows of day trading. Located in Irving, Texas, this team of actual traders are experts, and want nothing more than to pass this information on to others to help them make more money.


Jason Hope – An End to Aging

Jason hope is an entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona. While his background is in business he has set his sights on some truly ambitious aspirations, namely the end of the human aging process. Jason says that aging is simply a chemical process like any other medical condition and can, therefore, be controlled and even halted by chemical means. But this truly inspiring goal is not the only plan Jason brings to the table. His views on technology, specifically the internet of things is nearly as ambitious, with nearly as large repercussions for humanity as a whole.

The internet of things is an idea that has been floating around for several years now. It is the notion that the interconnectivity that we see with the internet will tie together more things than just computers. This is already happening today. We can see with our phones, our cars, even our thermostats. It won’t be long before everything we use will be sending data to every other thing anyone uses. It is a complex and potentially concerning idea, but Jason Hope’s position is that it will be for the benefit of humanity.

Jason Hope started his business career with an undergraduate degree in finance. He then went on to receive his MBA from the University of Arizona. He said that mobile communication technology was one of our largest catalysts for change and thus was his choice of industry to start out in. Out of grad school, he founded Jawa, a mobile communications company which was as a parent company for other technology partnerships. Today he makes the lion’s share of his earnings from his investment portfolio that contain a diverse array of technology services.

Hope is quite successful in his ventures, but he also gives back. This is where his avid support of a medical end to aging comes into play. He hopes that his donations and support can bring about a stop to mankind’s oldest enemy, old age. His collaboration with the SENS foundation and his work with Aubrey De Grey has been, as he says, “my most satisfying moment to date”.

Jason Hope’s Social Media:

Netpicks Makes Forex Trading A Lot Easier

Trading stocks is a complex world to enter into. There are thousands of acronyms that you won’t know, hundreds of slang words, and most importantly hundreds of thousands of companies to pay attention too. Forex trading, on the other hand, it a little simpler. Now, don’t get it wrong, Forex trading is complex, but it’s easier to break into than the stock market for the wealthy investor. Even for the average investor, Forex trading can be easier to get into than traditional stock trading.

Forex trading works a little differently from tradition stock trading. Forex trading or FX involves trading currency. It works a little like this, instead of picking which company or set of companies that you want to buy stock in, you choose a pair. Pairs will be something like USD/JPN (the United States vs. Japan). You are pitting one pair against another pair and seeing if one currency rises higher in comparison to another currency.

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As you can see the initial complexity is lower than the stock market. It isn’t all rainbows, however. FX trading is a brutal game. $5.2 trillion flow through the Forex markets daily and many of the investors have crazy high capitals. Forex trading is mostly done through “quick trades” which are nearly instant. Prices on currencies fluctuate by the second and playing the market can be risky and difficult.

Enter companies like Netpicks, Netpicks is a firm that specializes in helping people get adjusted to FX trading, as well as giving them advice, picks, and showing them live charts. Netpicks usually puts people in video chat with professionals or chat rooms and talk about trading happens in real time. Live charts of current market trends are shown and professionals sit down to talk to you one on one.

Forex trading isn’t easy, but companies like Netpicks can make it much easier for you. Netpicks believes that FX trading can be for everyone, not just the ultra-rich. Specialists will work with you, hand-in-hand, to make sure that you are headed the right direction in the Forex market. So if you are thinking about going into Forex trading, make sure you do your research, or if you don’t want to, make sure that you use someone like Netpicks to help you along the way. Additional article on

Connect with Netpicks, visit Crunchbase.

Netpicks, helping you master the art of FX trading through innovative strategies

In a recent report by Netpicks, forex trading in currency pairs offers traders a loophole to invest in this currencies based on whether the pair prices will go up or down in a decentralized market. These transactions take place via electronic over the counter financial exchanges based in major cities such as Paris, Sydney, Tokyo and many others worldwide. Thanks to this, the forex market is open 24 hours a day. For instance, if London’s financial exchange closes, traders can still trade the currency pairs in Tokyo as the forex market. To assist them in knowing which forex market is open, forex traders can use live signal services and charts provided by Netpicks. Also besides spot trading, traders can now trade via forwarding and futures markets which are often used by business gurus who want to avoid risks.

Characteristics of the forex market:

This is according to Netpicks

– The FX market is highly liquid which is why most traders prefer trading in currency pairs

– Unlike the stock market, the FX market limits traders to few currency pair options. Even though there are more exotic pairs, using them can be quite risky which is why most traders prefer purchasing and selling the already well-established currency pairs.

– Retailers often benefit from the market’s extreme liquidity because the swift price changes often offer them financial opportunities.

Netpicks has always been on the forefront of guiding FX traders which is why its report further goes on to add tips on how to trade in the FX market as shown below.

– As a trader, you should first determine the risk you are exposing yourself by

choosing a particular currency before you make any trade.

– Buy the pair you’ve set your mind on with the mindset that the base currency will become stronger in comparison to the quote currency. While selling you should expect the vice versa.

– Place a buy or sell order but keep in mind. It might lead to a prospective gain or a possible loss.

– Follow the same steps in vice versa when it is time to sell the currency pairs that are now in your possession and check for the profit or loss in the balance section of your trading account.

About Netpicks

Established over two decades ago, Netpicks is a well-known online forex trading education company which also deals with an array of other FX market services ( For instance, the company offers 24-hour live signal trading services which make it easier for both beginners and expert forex traders to navigate the market easily. It continuously updates its charts with the latest currency pairs so traders can get the flexibility they require to buy or sell and at the same time maximize their profits.

Netpicks is based in Texas, Irvin to be precise and since it 1996, the company has helped coach myriads of clients to reach the heights of FX trading. Additionally, Netpicks is one of the largest forex brokers currently, and it is led by a team of well-experienced forex traders which explains its cutting edge success, check


Netpicks and the Advantages of the Stock Market

One of the markets that Netpicks focuses on the most is the Forex market. There are plenty of reasons for this focus. One of them is that the Forex market has unlimited earning potential ( However, one market that is worth some attention is the Stock market. One of the reasons that people still invest in the stock market is that there are plenty of options that come with the market. There are tons of stocks that people can choose from of various prices. There are also different features and advantages that a stock can come with. This means that people have more chances to make money.

Fortunately, Netpicks also goes in depth about the stock market in order to help people figure out ways to make money. While people do trade stocks in order to make more money, there are other ways that people can make money from stocks. One of the ways that people choose to make money from stocks is by paying for stocks that offer dividends. This is one of the ways that people can actually earn money while holding on to the stocks. At the same time, people can still make money by selling their stocks at a higher price than when they bought them. In this case, Netpicks has advice on what people can do in order to make sure that they are getting the most for their money.

One of the most important pieces of advice that Netpicks offers deals with the trends in the stock market. For one thing, when it comes to the trends in the stock market, the best thing for people to do is make sure that they are going along with the trend. If the trend breaks against them, then they have to close the trade even if they are losing.

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See Something Knew You Need to Know About IC System

It is undeniable that IC System has been in existence since 1938 as an accounts receivable company. Jack and Ruth Erickson are the minds behind the formation of this company. They had a guiding principle that based its services to their customers on honesty and ethics. Erickson family has owned IC System for three generations now under the same guiding principle that drives its operations. The kind of innovation and transformation IC System has brought in the accounts receivable recovery industry are mind-blowing. The company was able to replace the computers and typewriters in the U.S in 1968. The company has continued to stick and comply with the set standards such as 501, TCPA, and CEFPB. It has exceptional tools it uses to preserve its reputation as a recognized collection agency.

The company by name IC System is based in Minnesota and the company’s headquarter is outside of St. Paul. The purpose for which it was formed in 1938 hasn’t changed today. It is strongly focused on improving the financial outcome of its clients and consumers. One of its mandates is to ensure its representatives learn how to use practices that are most consumer-friendly and ethical. On the other hand, IC System helps its customers to maintain the relationship they have created so far since creating one requires effort. IC System is keen to ensure its customers what they need and in the anticipated quality (Indeed).

Since 2013 up to 2015, IC System has been awarded the BBB Torch Award each year on matters related to ethics. It is one of the companies that are guided by certain core values when making and interacting with its decisions. Its core values include pride, innovation, performance, integrity and people. Any of its employees who recognizes these core-values and demonstrates them perfectly becomes a nominee for the Core Value Award. The IC System has an in-house committee in charge of charity, which was formed in 1981. This committee is mainly mandated to help the community together using the most dedicated employees. Some of the charities associated with IC System include Toys for Tots, Special Olympics Wisconsin, Relay for Life, ARMing Heroes, American Red Cross and American Cancer Society among others.


Perry Mandera Has Worked Hard In His Career To Get To Where He Is

Perry Mandera is well-known in the transportation and logistics industry. He has worked hard to become well-known and to get where he is today. Here is more about his career, as well as other interesting info about him.


Perry Mandera’s Career

At a young age, Perry Mandera joined the United States Marine Corps Reserves. During his military career, he learn how to operate trucks. He left the military after receiving an honorable discharge.

Shortly after returning to civilian life, he decided to work for transportation companies. His entrepreneurial side started to show at a young age, and this led to him launching his own company. He ran the company between 1980 and 1985, but then he sold it.

About a year later (1986), The Custom Companies was launched. To this day, Perry Mandera is still the CEO of the company, which serves many types of businesses, including a number of Fortune 100 corporations.


Perry Mandera And Charitable Efforts

Perry Mandera may be busy with working and running a business, but he believes in helping out whenever possible. This shows via his charitable efforts. He and his company continues to sponsors various youth sports teams throughout the Chicago area. He has also coached basketball and football teams, as well as supported a number of professional boxers. The Custom Cares Charities was also launched by Perry Mandera. Through this, he focuses on helping causes that affect children.


Other Interesting Info

Perry Mandera has both a LinkedIn page and a Twitter profile. He also maintains a WordPress blog. This is where he writes about various topics related to his industry and his company.

The Custom Companies continues to thrive under the leadership of Perry Mandera. You can visit his company’s website or Perry Mandera’s blog, ( if you want to find out more about what he and his company does.


Fortress Investment Group Executive Profile

Peter Briger is a member of the Management Committee of the investment firm Fortress Investment Group. He teamed up with Wesley Edens and Randal Nardone to manage one of the top asset management firms in the world. At the end of the 2000’s, Peter became a billionaire by getting an IPO. For many years, Peter has provided sound management and leadership for Fortress Investment Group by helping build it into the top firm it is today. Prior to becoming the co chief executive officer and a member of its board of direcors, Peter worked for the firm Goldman Sachs for 15 years. He was a partner of the firm beginning in 1996, As well as being a high ranking executive in the finance industry, he is also quite active in his community. Peter is part of a number of charitable organizations that include helping low income families with housing in San Francisco. He has also been part of the Princeton University Investment Company as well.

One of the key experiences of Briger’s career was when he worked at Goldman Sachs. At this firm he would serve as a leading executive. Under his leadership, Goldman Sachs would be able to more effectively serve clients and expand in the Asian region. While he was at Goldman Sachs, Briger would frequently oversee the firm’s Asian market operations. He held a number of key positions such as the Asian Management Committee and the Japan Executive Committee. Peter would also be part of the Global Control and Compliance Committee and the Special Opportunities Fund LLC. While he was at Goldman Sachs, he would also oversee the firm’s Asian Distressed Debt business and the Whole Loan Sales and trading business as well. All of these positions enabled Peter to gain a considerable amount of valuable experience with global markets in the finance industry.

As of today, Peter is in a high ranking leadership position at Fortress Investment Group. He is currently overseeing the firm’s San Francisco office location. Since 2002, Peter has been part of the firm’s management committee. Briger oversees the Fortress Credit business. In this role, he manages over 300 professionals who look to help clients take advantage of undervalued assets and distressed and illiquid credit securities. Under his leadership, the division of the firm has been able to help a number of clients get significant returns by investing in a number of distressed securities.

Along with being a top executive in the financial services sector, Peter Briger is quite active in other activities. He is the board of directors of the Princeton University Investment Company as well as providing support for the Central Park Conservancy. Peter also makes charitable contributions to local hospitals to help those recofving from illnesses and other medical conditions. In terms of his educational background, Peter earned a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business. All of these things have allowed Peter to establish himself as a businessperson with a diverse background.

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Sussex Healthcare Gives People The Help They Need To Succeed

Sussex Healthcare knows there are things they can do to help seniors with the issues they have. The company is a healthcare company, but they work hard to give seniors the best chance at a better life. They go above and beyond their healthcare duties.

Since Sussex Healthcare is so big and is dedicated to helping people with the issues they have, they know there are things they can provide seniors no other people know how to do. They’ve always wanted people to realize they’re doing things right and that’s the point of their business. They also want to ensure people know how to make things better for their loved ones.

When Sussex Healthcare first opened their senior care center, they were set on making sure the seniors had the best options. They felt it was their duty to give seniors what they needed no matter what their issues were. Instead of just trying to protect their health, they felt it was necessary to show them how things would get better. They also felt it was their way of giving people what they needed. Despite other companies trying to pull things apart for the Sussex Healthcare business, they succeeded.


Thanks to their hard work, their senior care center is one that is better than most. Seniors get the ultimate healthcare while also getting things other companies are unable to provide. They know what can help them make things easier and they also know how everything will get better for the people who are in the industry. By looking at these options, Sussex Healthcare gives people a chance to make life better. They want seniors to feel as though they get the best of everything.

Now, other companies are doing the same thing as Sussex Healthcare. They look at the things that Sussex Healthcare does and try to replicate them. They want people to realize they’re doing their best. Sussex Healthcare is the best when it comes to senior care, but they’re now setting the standard for other companies. If they can help people with these things, Sussex Healthcare is sure to always make it better. Other companies are competing to be as good as Sussex Healthcare. The competition is good. While one company may come out ahead of the rest of them, there is only one true winner. The seniors who get the best healthcare of competing companies that are trying to provide even better healthcare will win.