British Investor and Expert Graham Edwards

In recent years, the company Telereal Trillium has stood out as a premier private property management firm. Under current CEO Graham Edwards, the central England company hopes to not only maintain its high status, but to build on it (Grahamtelereal).

Since its inception in 2001 which began with a 30-year partnership with British Telecom, Telereal has quickly expanded its property business within the United Kingdom. In 2009, the company acquired Trillium from Land Securities Group.

Gradually it has grown to become the giant it is today.

Financial estimates have the company’s portfolio at over six billion pounds. Annual revenues generated usually top over a billion pounds. The total space of the estimated 8,000 properties the firm manages would be over 86 million square feet. Among its contracts are a job centre for the Department for Works and Pensions. Among its clients are Barclays, the Birmingham City Council, and Virgin Media (

Edwards has been the CEO of the company the entire time and has overseen its rise to the top of UK’s private property market. The company has reached into a variety of markets whether it is government buildings or smaller residential ones.

Edwards cut his teeth in the property management sector first at Merrill Lynch Investment Management where he was a fund manager and then as the chief investment officer at Talisman Global Asset Management. He also was a student at Cambridge University where he studied economics.

Though he has plenty of investment experience, Edwards has tried to build upon customer-friendly principles at Telereal Trillium. As a result, the company seeks to provide honest answers to its clients in a very complicated industry. Under Edwards’ stewardship, Telereal Trillium has used many different partnerships to spur financial growth within its properties, making the company among the largest privately owned ones in all of the United Kingdom.

Edwards is also an active philanthropist who also sits on numerous of boards such as British Friends of the Hebrew University, One Voice Europe, and the Portland Trust.