Entrepreneurship; What Inspires Some People to Invest

Jose Hawilla is a renowned businessman and mentor. He reveals some of the reasons and differences between an entrepreneur and a sheer worker. At the national level, he also points out what is needed to encourage entrepreneurship. Hawilla says that an entrepreneur is a risk-taker while a worker seeks to follow the norm. He observes that many systems seem to deter the entrepreneurship spirit by forcing people to ply paths that have been preset. Naturally, he notes, people prefer their comfort zones. Entrepreneurs love to jump into the deep end though. He explains the challenges that he faced when starting his, now, flourishing businesses. For more details visit educacaofisica

How Jose Hawilla Became an Icon

He was born in the city of Sao Paulo. He started off as a journalist but had a burning desire to do something that others weren’t doing but one that could stand on its own and have an impact on him and others. He was a sports journalist. He worked with various radio stations as an anchor and sports commentary journalist. He realized in the course of his work that he could transform sports journalism and make it an income generating activity. The tradition at the time was such that football and sports, in general, was only meant for leisure. It was hard for anyone to imagine how it could be transformed into a business venture. Such is the stance by born entrepreneurs and investors. Jose Hawilla decided to start a newspaper that could focus on ports reporting alone. As expected, others around him frowned at the idea. Anyway, the idea succeeded tremendously. Jose Hawila is now one of the most influential Brazilian business people. Jose is the founder and owner of Traffic; a leading sports marketing outfit. It is a mutant of the original Newspaper reporting project that for the first time penetrated the interior of Sao Paulo. He is also the owner of a host of trending newspapers that have a conspicuous presence in Sao Paulo and its environs. They include Rede Bom Dia, Bom Dia Bauru, God Morning Marilla, Go Morning Rio Pretto and a couple of other Good Mornings. Check out abril to know more.

The US Sows the Seeds of Entrepreneurship

The Global Entrepreneurship Index of 2016 indicates the countries that make it easy to do business with both locals and foreigners. The report shows that the US is one of the countries that have the best environments to start a business. America scored 86.2 % in that respect. Interestingly, Canada follows the US closely with 79.5%. It is not clear whether the geographical proximity has anything to do with it. Austria, Denmark, and Sweden follow in that order. Other notable countries on the list include Taiwan, Iceland, and Switzerland. Taiwan is particularly notable because it is a country with a significantly different social culture, including religion. A close examination of the environment in the US reveals that the country encourages startups by providing various incentives. It also has a program that allows small business entities to access loans. Furthermore, a look at the education system indicates a paradigm shift from the classic bookish education to one that makes persistent attempts in nurturing talent.

The Amazing Academy of Art University

When it comes to fashion, the Academy of Art University has earned its position at the top. This San Francisco-based school has become a staple at New York Fashion Week. The 21st straight appearance by this school came into fruition in 2017, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Academy of Art University always blazes the scene with some of the hottest fashion attire. The school just so happened to introduce multiple fashion lines that catered to women and men. In addition to that, the school displayed a wonderful collaboration for added excitement.

Some of the most diverse fashion attire can be found here and most of the participants come from all around the world. This is one of the most flamboyant and prestigious fashion events on earth. Ideas, craftsmanship and silhouettes were put on display at the highest of level.

Academy of Art University has groomed and has produced individuals that has gone on to work in the entertainment industry. Some of the biggest and most prominent names have hired some of this exceptional talent, including Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel, American Idol, Industrial Light & Management and more. Some of the school’s talent has won awards for visual effects, for graphic design, for illustration and for animation. The options have been nearly endless for this school. On the other hand, Academy of Art University is known as one of the largest property owners in the city of San Francisco. The school has also grown dramatically over the years and as of today, student can participate in online classes.

So, what’s next for this dynamic institution? Academy of Art University will continue to do what it has always done. The school will continue to push the boundaries in entertainment as well as in liberal arts.

Waiakea Water: Offering Clean, Nutritious Water While Protecting The Environment

Water is one of the most abundant natural resources on the planet. Plus, it is something the body needs to remain strong and healthy. Yet, finding clean drinking water is a challenge for millions of people worldwide. Ryan Emmons and his company Waiakea Volcanic Hawaiian Water has made it their mission to do  something about that. The company offers clean, mineral rich, naturally alkaline water that is filtered through thousands of feet of volcanic rock and gathered on the eastern base of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. The water is offered in environmentally safe biodegradable plastic bottles.

To address the dire need for clean drinking water in many parts of the world, Emmons provides millions of gallons of potable water to people in drought stricken areas. Plus, some of the company’s revenue is given to nonprofit community program. It’s a business model that’s designed to help meet the world’s water needs while providing clean, nutritious water for sale in plastic bottle that quickly degrade naturally. This is a mission to which Ryan Emmons is committed. Once which can serve as a model to the countless bottled water companies whose plastic bottles pollute the earth.

Emmons started Waiakea Volcanic Hawaiian Water in 2012. He grew up drinking the silica-rich water from the spring in Hilo, Hawaii on his family’s twice yearly vacations there. After earning his degree in business administration, he came up with the brilliant idea to offer the world the fantastic water drawn from the pristine sprint. The public’s response has been excellent. Waiakea Water is now among the fastest growing bottled water companies in the United States. People love the benefits the water offers and have embraced the company’s social mission.

One of the world’s few certified carbon neutral companies, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water with it’s electrolyte and mineral rich, naturally alkaline, BPA free water and positive mission, is making a wonderful impact on the world. The water it offers is great for the body and it’s energy-saving production and low-emission delivery methods are helping to protect the environment and preserve it for future generations to enjoy.


Aesthetic Plastic Surgery by Dr. Jennifer Walden

Being aesthetically attractive is a trait that everyone wish they had. Unfortunately, there is a small percentage of people who walk this earth that is considered aesthetically attractive. On the other hand, people can improve on their appearance in a number of ways and plastic surgery is one of the very best options. Jennifer Walden, founder of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, has grown into a fan-favorite in this specific industry. Though being rather young, she is still considered to be a pioneer of cosmetic surgery. Walden epitomizes the term female empowerment.

Jennifer Walden is known as a doctor, a philanthropist and a television commentator. She has appeared on countless television shows such as ABC’s “20/20,” CBS’s “The Today Show,” E! Network’s “Dr. 90210” and many more. Walden has also made Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons for 2014. In addition to that achievement, she has been talked about and recognized for her greatness in cosmetic surgery for a number of publications. This includes Austin MD, Cosmopolitan, Self, TexasMD, The New York Times, Refinery 21, Glam.com, VIVE and Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine. Of course, this short list only scratches the surface, but you should have a better idea of how influential this woman truly is.

After attaining her M.D. from the University of Texas Medical Branch, she would move to New York City. While in The Big Apple, Walden has studied and has worked under the guidance for some of the top individuals in this field. The affluent Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital was where she obtained her fellowship, and she continued to work here for many years. After about seven years of putting in work, she decided to move back to her hometown of Austin, Texas, to raise her family. Dr. Jennifer Walden is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and she will only continue to fine-tune her craft in the coming years.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Social Media: www.instagram.com/drjenniferwalden

Richard Dwayne Blair: How A Financial Advisor Can Help You

Are you searching for an expert who can provide assistance with investing, wealth building or financial planning? Need to consult a firm or professional who has a great reputation in the financial services field? Perhaps you want to know how Richard Dwayne Blair can help you reach your financial goals.

Richard Dwayne Blair assesses the financial needs of his clients and help them with retirement planning, investments and other financial decisions. He can help you plan for your goals, such as education expenses and investments. Richard Dwayne Blair can recommend investments to match your goals.

During the first meeting with a financial planner, you should ask questions and present your concerns. Find out about the fees and services offered by the firm, and make sure the advisor tells you what you’ll get for your money. It is also a good idea to find out how long the investment firm or financial planner has been in business.

As a knowledgeable and experienced professional, Richard Dwayne Blair can invest your money based on your decisions. If you need tax advice or help with other financial issues, he may be able to guide you. His investment firm, Wealth Solutions, has the resources to help handle a wide variety of financial advisory needs.

Richard has great expertise in the financial services field and is well known for providing high quality advice to clients. Richard has a proven track record in the industry and comes highly recommended.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a trusted professional and he is committed to ensuring that his clients are satisfied with the service he provides. He carefully evaluates his clients situation to determine the best strategy to address their needs.

Richard will take into consideration your risk tolerance and then suggest appropriate steps to help you achieve the success you desire. Richard has vast experience in the field and can help you to budget, decide where to invest, and forecast future economic trends. Richard can also help you in calculating tax liabilities. His clients come from all walks of life and are delighted with his services.

Glen Wakeman Maintains Proficient Success

Glen Wakeman is a successful individual that has made a mark in the business industry. He attended the University of Scranton. In the year 1981 he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science at University of Scranton he attended University of Chicago. He obtained a Master of Business Administration degree. Glen Wakeman’s educational path guided him to be certain he wanted to have a profession in the business world.

Obtaining a MBA opened up several great possibilities for Glen Wakeman. He was able to begin a professional career at General Electric. Glen Wakeman was able to branch out and be given the opportunity to live in Asia, Europe, and South America during his career. He was able to gain experience while living in Europe, Asia, and South America. He has had experience with various job positions during his career. Glen has had experience in regional administration, country administration, general administration, professional growth, technology, and management associated operations.

Eventually, Glen Wakeman relocated to England to pursue the position of General Director for GE Capital, Global Insurance Ventures. As General Director of this company he provided numerous plans and strategies to help several companies upsurge net revenue. He was able to take companies and change net revenue from millions to billions over time. He also helped GE Capital expand and have over 1,000 branches (http://www.ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/GlenWakeman-LaunchpadHoldings18.htm). Glen Wakeman was also put in charge of being involved with the company’s merchandises and the success of its merchandise production. He also took on the responsibility of signing numerous conglomerates.

Throughout his career Glen Wakeman has demonstrated amazing and proficient leadership. He has demonstrated that he can help a business to expand and be successful. Having a successful career has provided Glen Wakeman with the capability of being a mentor. He is an astonishing mentor for young industrialists that want to have success in the business industry. Glen Wakeman established LaunchPad Holdings to help guide young industrialists that are interested in pursuing a successful career.

In conclusion, Glen Wakeman is a skilled individual with very beneficial expertise.



Dr. Mark Holterman’s Introduces the Future

Dr. Mark Holterman MD, the internationally experienced and well regarded Pediatric surgeon, serves as pediatrics professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria. He specializes in Pediatric Surgery and has affiliation with the Carle Foundation Hospital and OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. His background in education consists of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Yale University where he graduated cum laude. He later obtained his MD and Ph.D. in Immunology and Medicine while attending the University of Virginia.

Dr. Mark Holterman has been involved in medical practices for over twenty nine years so he understands the importance of advancements in the medical field. He has also seen how the world is evolving technically. So what Dr. Mark Holterman has done is combine the evolution of technology and incorporated it into the medical field. He accomplished this by creating a company, Mariam Global Health, and within this company he has taken the advancement of global healthcare and separated it into two different categories; the innovators and the investors. He then connected the two resulting in one goal, healthcare advancement (Medicaldailytimes).

Dr. Mark Holterman has combined business with science creating a powerhouse in the medical field. It was not always an easy road when it comes with any business, because you have to receive the correct funding. There were plenty of times where Dr. Mark Holterman’s investors backed out of their deals because they did not approve of the business idea presented to them. Dr. Mark Holterman did not look at that as a failure but as a means to tighten up his budget and transform the business ideas more.

This is just the beginning for Dr. Mark Holterman. He has future plans to expand his business even more. With the expansion there will be more designers, inventors, and investors. The medical field will benefit so much. Dr. Mark Holterman and his family have relocated their work to outside of the country so they will have more resources. As they all think big, there will be no limitations on what they can accomplish!


Vijay Eswaran Shares a Secret About Fear

While people seem to avoid fear when it comes to moving forward, many of the most successful people actually move forward in spite of their fear. Vijay Eswaran is someone who has moved forward with his fear. He did not let his fear hold him back. For one thing, he had something that has offset the fears. One thing that he had was insight and understanding. He has used his understanding to not only look at fear, but actually figure out that fear can be a disguise. This is one of the reasons that he states that fear can actually drive success.

One thing that Vijay Eswaran has stated about fear is that it is excitement in disguise. It makes perfect sense. For one thing, when people feel like they are on the verge of a breakthrough, they tend to find themselves feeling a lot of fear. Often times, many different thoughts travel around in their minds. One thought is that they are afraid that what they are attempting is not going to work for them. Another fear that they have is that the very thing they attempt is going to be successful. One thing that scares them about success is that it is something that they might not be used to or even prepared for.

In order to succeed at any business goals, it is important for people to have some kind of mental conditioning. Many people have a certain mental conditioning that is not compatible with business success. This is one of the reasons that many people remain employees and stuck. In order for people to actually experience success as entrepreneurs and bring forth a different lifestyle, they have to first change their minds. They have to think differently in order to be able to actually make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

Read more about Vijay Eswaran: https://www.qbuzz.qnet.net/blog/2011/06/27/vijay-eswaran-in-forbes-philanthropy-heroes-list/

Chris Linkas Discussed Advantages of Investing Early

Preparing for your financial future is always a big job that requires a lot of careful consideration. When you are looking to improve your finances, one of the best things that you could do would be to take advice from financial experts. One person that has continued to provide great financial advice is Chris Linkas. Chris Linkas is a finance professional that has more than 15 years of investment experience. In this time he has worked in a wide range of different divisions for several different major investment banks and corporate finance firms.

Chris Linkas also recently provided advice to younger professionals, which includes encouraging them to start investing when they are still in their 20s (Discogs). His advice pointed out several unique benefits that come when you are in your 20s and do invest regularly.

One of the main advantages of starting to invest when you are in your 20s is that you can take advantage of compound interest. Compound interest can have a major impact on your total savings by the time you reach retirements says Chris. Those that wait even ten years to start saving for the future will have to save far more to catch up with their peers by retirement. The sooner you start saving the more you will be able to take advantage of compound interest.

Another advantage of investing when you are in your 20s is that you will be able to take more risks mentioned by Chris. One of the best ways to make a big return on a stock is to invest in companies that provide a lot of growth potential. While these stocks can provide you with great returns and rewards, they also come with a lot of risk. Because of this, older investors often are not able to invest in these stocks due to the higher level of risks.

Finally, starting to invest when you are in your 20s is a good idea because it will set good habits based on Chris. If you are able to set good habits when you are young and in your 20s, it will likely set you up for years to come in the future.


Adam Milstein Is Seeking Relief For Jewish People In America

Adam Milstein is a business owner in America. He was originally born in Israel, but he came to America to go to college and never left. One of the reasons why he loves America is because of the safety of the Jewish people. Adam had to worry about suicide bombers every time he walked out of his home in Israel. Sadly, he thinks the thinking of radical Islam is starting to make its way to America.

In an article written by Adam Milstein and published by Jewish News Syndicate, he describes oppression stories he received from Jews living in America. The story that shocked him the most was about a Jew who wanted to march in an LGBT parade. The parade was supposed to focus on freedom of religion, speech, and sexual orientation. The Jewish man wanting to march was asked to leave due to the Star of David appearing on his clothing. This gentleman tried to fight the system, but no one wanted to hear his voice. Adam Milstein has promised to be the voice of this individual.

Adam Milstein also described receiving news stories put out by several American universities that condemned Israel and the Jewish people. He believes Jewish people cannot feel safe in American colleges, or in America in general, until something is done about the current oppression. Adam wants Jews coming to America to feel more than welcome. Presently, he feels Jews coming to America will feel like they are back in an area of the Middle East where they are hated.

Adam is an active writer Jewish News Syndicate. He is also a long-time member of the Israeli-American Council. He has a beautiful family and resides in California. In addition to having a few traditional businesses, Adam has one of the largest real estate businesses in America and the world.