Jeffry Schneider Promoting Workplace Wellness Programs To Boost Productivity

Jeffry Schneider has a long career history with a diverse personal life as well. He has built his firm from scratch. He employees a solid group of staff and his priority has shifted towards workplace wellness and has since implemented several programs.

Why Workplace wellness?

Work is not something that everyone enjoys so companies must have some sort of motivation for employees to stay productive. Obviously, money is one key factor, but many people will put just enough effort in to keep the paychecks steady.

What Google and many other large corporations have found is that increasing workplace wellness will increase the productivity of their employees. From giving back to extra vacation time, workplace amenities, and medical packages; these are all small investments for large companies to make higher returns.

What exactly are the benefits?

Workplace wellness programs can affect your employees in a number of ways. Some effects are more subtle than others but a well-rounded office will bring your business to new heights. Let’s get into some examples of positive effects of wellness programs.

Improved Health Behaviors

Health issues are definitely one of the biggest causes of lost profits in a large business. If it is mitigated through a wellness program, your healthy employees will not need to take as much time off from work due to illness. In addition, healthy habits can also lead to healthier bodies and increased mental clarity.

Health care must start with prevention rather than treatment. Implementing programs that encourage healthy diets and exercise routines to reduce overall disease risk is one option to consider. Some suggestions include providing complimentary gym memberships, free health food bars or even dietician sessions.

A Huge Morale Boost

Most offices rely on cohesion in order to function efficiently. If morale is down and social tensions are high, productivity will crumble and your business will go down with it. Investing in certain morale-boosting programs will likely mitigate this.

One such example of a morale-boosting program would be to initiate team exercises. Such exercises to remove stress, resolve workplace conflicts and cleanse the workplace atmosphere. In addition, promoting activities outside of the workplace will help with bonding and increased relationships between your team members.

Achieving Goals

The last thing any employee wants is to feel like a worker bee without a sense of accomplishment or any hope to upgrade in the future. Working long hours, without the sense of recognition, will discourage anybody and such employees will burn out.

If you want your employees to stick with the team for the long-term, let them in on your goals and provide incentives. Give them a clear road-map to their long-term career path if they stay with the company so that they see their position as a career starter rather than a paycheck.

Outside of work, Jeffry Schneider likes to unwind by focusing his attention on his passion for Tuscan wines. He enjoys a wine with the  bold taste of a perfectly crafted Super Tuscan. He appreciates that Super Tuscans have taken traditional Italian wine and cranked it up a notch to make what many would consider the best modern wine in the world.

His love for wine tasting does not take him away from those that are not so fortunate to afford this hobby. He and his associated companies have invested in relief efforts with Hurricane Harvey. This includes areas that were struck hard like Houston and Puerto Rico.