OneLogin: Creating Products for Data Protection

Businesses today are at risk of losing their data due to several reasons, but the most notorious ones were because of data corruption, information stealing, and hacking. These data are very important to the company, because it is their foundation and all of the confidential information is stored inside the company’s database. If it is lost, the business could suffer serious losses, and the reliability and reputation of the company would slowly fade. Losing the data due to hacking and other means is one of the most fearful scenarios that businesses wish not to experience. There are several reasons how the data inside the company can be hacked, and even if they set up their strongest backups inside hard drives and other devices, it is still susceptible of being destroyed.

The most effective way of backing up data according to experts is to store it in the cloud. There are hundreds of companies today offering the service, but only a few are reliable. One of the most reliable names in the field of cloud storage is OneLogin. The company was founded in 2009 by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to provide the most effective yet the most affordable identity and access management services, and they will be doing it with the assistance of the cloud. OneLogin promises their clients that the cloud storage they are putting the sensitive data into is highly secured, and because of the way the system is programmed, only the authorized individuals are allowed to access the data anytime and anywhere.

Just a couple of years ago, the concept introduced by OneLogin is virtually non-existent, but because of the prevalence of shadow IT experts inside businesses and companies, the corporate world started looking for alternatives which would protect their data 100%. A Shadow IT expert refers to a person who steals information inside the business by using devices such as flash drives and other storage means. They are stealing the data for the purpose of backups or selling it to the business competitor. The products introduced by OneLogin not only protects the data but also prevents the shadow IT experts to access them without authorization.