Rick Smith Leading Securus Technologies to Success in the Crowded Correctional Sphere

The correctional sphere is one of the most competitive sectors and is crowded with many different companies trying to gain the most significant market share of this booming correctional industry. Many products and services are specific to the penitentiary sphere that the correctional firms manufacture and provide and one of the most important of these services are the inmate communication services. It is these services that help the inmates stay in contact with their family and relatives and gives them the sense of purpose and well-being during their stay in prison. Previously, visiting in isolation in prison used to be difficult as there was no technology available that would help the prisoners contact their loved ones on a usual basis, but now thanks to inmate communication services, it is very much possible.

One of the inmate communication firms that has achieved an excellent reputation in the sector is Securus Technologies, headed by Rick Smith, who is the firm’s current Chief Executive Officer. Under the guidance of Rick Smith, Securus Technologies has been able to achieve new heights of success and has been awarded the highest rating for quality, ethics, and performance by the Better Business Bureau. Securus Technologies has also won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service under the leadership of Rick Smith. The reason why Rick Smith has been able to manage the company so well is due to his previous experience in the field of telecommunications. Before joining Securus Technologies, Rick Smith served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Eschelon Telecom, which is one of the highly respected telecommunication firms in the United States.

Rick Smith is a highly qualified individual and has completed MBA from Rochester University and graduation from the New York University. One of the primary focuses of Rick Smith upon joining Securus Technologies has been innovation as he firmly believes that only the companies that can innovate and transform the sector by introducing new and useful products would sustain in the business. Rick Smith has ensured that Securus Technologies continues to invest heavily in research and development and as per the reports; the company has spent over $600 million in the past few years. Rick Smith also gives due importance to the customer service offered by the company and has overhauled many of the old policies to introduce a new and innovative system to ensure quick and efficient customer service.

At the moment, the products and services of Securus Technologies are being used by over 3,450 correctional agencies in Canada, United States, and in the District of Columbia. Securus Technologies aims to become one of the most influential companies in the penitentiary sphere with the aim to transform and modernize the correctional sector completely.