Goettl Tells You How To Keep Cool

During the hot, humid days of summer, the one thin g that you do not want to happen is that your air conditioning unit stops giving peak performance. No one wants to sit in sweltering heat waiting hours or days for an AC repairman. Goettl, an air conditioning company offers tips for keeping your unit in tip top shape. Goettl tell all that even though you live in Central AZ, I bet you didn’t know these tricks about your HVAC System.

The company recommends several tips for maintaining your unit. They suggest that you weatherize your home and outside unit by sealing cracks and gaps, and replacing old insulation. This keeps the cool air inside. The next thing is to keep your unit in the shade because the cooler unit will not have to work as hard: therefor, the air produced will be cooler. Check the thermostat to make sure that it is not in direct sunlight, ot a bright light. This fools the AC into working harder to provide cool air. Use tint on your windows to deflect away the sun from the inside of your home.

According to reviewbuzz.com, other tips include keeping the thermostat turned up as close to 78 degrees as possible. Switch your old thermostat for a smarter, programmable model that can be used from anywhere in your home. If these tricks do not seem to make much of a difference, then it may be time to upgrade your system. Goettl recommends that you invest in a more modern energy efficient unit. Many advances have been made since older units were installed. Goettl wants to help you keep cool in the summer and cozy and warm in winter. Let the experts evaluate your unit to make sure that it gives you the coolness that you want and need. Follow Goettl on twitter.