The Most Constructive Social Media Yet: ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a communication app that creates an open classroom environment and its main goal is to improve education. It allows parents to experience first-hand how their kids are learning in the classroom. Parents can view daily activities and converse with teachers while at work. Students use it to “show and tell” as activities happen and to give student feedback to teachers. Teachers use it to build classroom culture and keep parents in the loop on their kid’s progress anytime.

The app works as a voice enabler for students and parents and further assist teachers in acing the classroom experience. They can collectively share ideas and work together using photos, videos and messages to bring the classroom alive on a social platform.

There are four main features in the ClassDojo app. Inside the classroom portal are skills and values to choose from which students and teachers collaborate on. Here, teachers can stimulate creativity and team work activities and monitor student progress.

Live streaming of pictures and videos are called stories. Stories instantly update for the family of students to view. “School Story” for principals, “Class Story” for teachers and “Student Story” for students.

A library of original content put together by various educational sources can be found inside Big Ideas. The materials harvested here are meant to be a unique collection for milestone development.

The private messaging system makes conversation between parents and teachers inviting and super convenient without the hassle of exchanging contact numbers. Messages can translate into 35 different languages and can be utilized by bi-lingual parents and in non-English speaking countries.


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