The Leading Global Supplier of Protein Food Supplements

President David McDonald is a researcher, with interests in social computing, human-computer interaction, and computer-supported cooperative work. Other areas that David has an interest in include collaborative anchoring and social behavior change. Professor McDonald is also the chair of the Department of Design and Engineering at the University of Washington.

Dr. David McDonald is an academic enthusiast and has received some degrees from high ranking universities and colleges. He received his Doctor of Philosophy in Information and Computer Science from the University of California in the year 2000. David has several other degrees including a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of California, Irvine (1995), a Bachelor of Science Degree from the California State University, Hayward (1992), and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, 1988.

McDonald first worked at FX Palo Alto Labs, in the department of Personal and Mobile Technology. He later worked with AT & T Labs, in the department of Human Computer Interaction, which was later to become one of his areas of interest in research. McDonald served in other capacities as the Program Officer for NetSE, SoCS, and HCC.

David McDonald’s Role in Improving OSI Sustainability

OSI Group is an international food supply chain. It specializes in protein supplements, beef varieties, sandwiches, and sausages. Its headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois. His contribution to the sustainability at OSI Group has been seen in the following initiatives:

• He spread the OSI Group’s offices and plants to Poland
• Opening one of the biggest modern feed mills in Shandong Province in India.
• Setting shops in the Switzerland and Hungary republics. The OSI Group has, therefore, gained the reputation of being a global food network and supply house. It has significantly boosted the sustainability of the group.

The OSI Group celebrated its 20-year presence in the Chinese market in 2012, having been there since 1992 when it was founded. The group was tendered to supply a total of 113 tons of food materials in the 2008 World Olympics. It provided pork, eggs, dehydrated onions, and chicken. OSI Group has remained the leader in the supply and processing of meat and other protein and body building ingredients.

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