Making changes around the world with Avaaz campaigns

Avaaz is an organization that was formed in 2007. The Organization was formed by a group of organizations, Res Publica, and Service Employees International Union, which is devoted to ensuring good governance through democracy. Avaaz was funded by various foundations when it began but after 2008, it has been dependent on the generosity of individual people as opposed to funding and donations from companies or foundations. They also never accept any payments higher than 5000 dollars and to date, they have raised over 20 million dollars for their operations.


The Organization is focused on civic and social rights. Avaaz deals with issues such as corruption, poverty, resolution of conflict, human and animal rights, climate changes and much more. They promote their campaigns in over 30 countries that are facilitated by different teams. They also use adverts and seek a legal point of view on how to exercise their campaigns effectively. They have gone as far as using pigs in their campaigns.


They receive campaign suggestions from their members. The suggestions are run through a specialized team and if the team is in agreement, emails are sent out to other members. When the members give back ample feedback, the campaign is given a go ahead. Avaaz campaigns are covered in 6 continents which have thousands of volunteers. Avaaz actions include: organizing offline protests and events, emailing, lobbying and calling on governments, funding media campaigns among others.


Avaaz campaigns have brought about lots of benefits all over the world. Some of the benefits include:


• Better climate in France by advocating for the end of fossil fuel usage.


• Getting rid of the biggest deal for Murdoch, the takeover of one of the largest broadcasting firms, Britain BSkyB. Murdoch, a powerful and dangerous media personality, was using politicians to give his political contentious agenda’s a push.


• Fighting against corruption in Brazil.

For more information on Avaaz follow them on Twitter @avaaz