Susan McGalla and Her Rise to Prominence


The glass ceiling proves to be a less-than-formidable adversary for Pittsburgh’s Susan McGalla; although the number of men holding high-level business positions is disproportionately greater when compared to women, McGalla has found success in what many have called a “man’s world.” Susan McGalla currently serves as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC, which is a male-dominated organization.


According to McGalla’s Linkedin profile, in 1986 she received her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College, a four-year private, coeducational, liberal arts college in Alliance, OH. McGalla grew up in a household with two brothers and a football coach dad; she recognized early in life that there would be no concessions made for her because she was a girl, she had to work for what she wanted. This philosophy has guided her throughout her career; upon graduating from college, McGalla served as President and Chief Merchandising Officer for American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. In that role, Susan helped propel American Eagle’s profitability; during her tenure, the company’s revenue increased from $340 million to over $3 billion. Upon leaving American Eagle, she satisfied her entrepreneurial spirit by becoming an independent Retail Industry Consultant, which she did for two years. She then went on to become the CEO for The Wet Seal, Inc., an American teen clothing retailer. Lastly, and before her role with the Pittsburgh Steelers, she established P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, which provided advisory services to the Financial and Wall Steet communities.


While Susan McGalla’s rise to success is encouraging, there is still disparate differences in the number of C-level positions held by women versus men as well as differences in wages. Fortunately, women’s networks and initiatives have worked towards leveling the playing field, but there is still more that can be done. One of the best ways to combat gender discrimination is to create sponsorship opportunities. Executive Sponsors are C-level administrators who have a vested interest in seeing a project to completion.

A sponsor can help women climb the corporate ladder by creating opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to, as well as recommend lead projects and important assignments.


Eric Lefkofsky: Harnessing Big Data To Aid Cancer Research

Doctors draw on their previous experience when deciding which cancer treatment to recommend for patients, however, Eric Lefkofsky wants physicians to also have access to the outcome data from people with a similar DNA and RNA makeup as their patient. Until now, drawing on both therapeutic data and genomic information to determine the most effective therapies requires obtaining a grant and then performing a study.

Lefkofsky founded Lightbank, a VC firm, and then started Tempus, a company that enables doctors to make data-driven treatment decisions in real-time. Tempus, one of Lightbank’s startups, aggregated big data into a database using proprietary algorithms to give doctors a way to personalize their patient’s treatment plans.

Lefkofsky donates generously to cancer research through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Institutions benefiting from the Lefkofsky’s largess include the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University; Stanford University; the University of Michigan and New York’s Weill Cornell Medicine. By founding Tempus, Lefkofsky is doing more than donating money; he is enabling doctors to tailor treatment for patients based on their genetic make-up. Seeing cancer researchers collect overwhelming amounts of data looking for patterns, Lefkofsky knew that he could help them analyze all of the data. Lefkofsky and his wife also donate to the arts; they have provided Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art with a grant to offer free admission for youth.

Chicago’s notable entrepreneur co founded Groupon, and multiple other companies including Uptake Technologies and Echo Global Logistics. He has taken three of his companies public, including Groupon, InnerWorkings and Echo Global Logistics.

Lefkofsky currently serves as Groupon’s chairman and as CEO of Tempus. Involvement in his community is important to Lefkofsky; he serves as a trustee of The Museum of Science and Industry, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, World Business Chicago and The Art Institute of Chicago to learn more: click here.

Elizabeth Devos’ Role in Providing Quality Education for All

Born on 8th January 1958, Elisabeth Dee Devos popularly known as Betsy1y Devos is an American businesswoman and politician who is currently the United States Secretary. Before she was confirmed as Secretary, Dee Devos was the chairman of the Windquest group. This is an enterprise and investment firm. Secretary Besty Devos is also an activist and has been involved in education policy for decades. For all this time, Devos has worked as an advocate for children. While representing the children, she focused particularly on ensuring the less privileged children could have access to quality education. Secretary Devos’ interest in education was sparked at an early age by her mother who was a teacher at a public school. The interest grew when she was taking her children to school and noticed that not all children in the United States have access to quality education. Furthermore, she saw the efforts that leaders in her hometown were putting in so as to increase educational opportunities and choices for parents. Ever since then she has been on the forefront to fight for better education opportunities for children.

Secretary Elizabeth served as a mentor for children in the Grand Rapids for 15 years, which according to her changed her perspective about education. It was there that Devos earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Elizabeth has put a lot of effort to ensure that new choices for students to study have been created in at least 25 states across America. EliZabeth Devos is married to Dick Devos, who is an American entrepreneur/businessman and author from Michigan. Together, the two have a family that is devoted to helping people, and they have taken part in many philanthropic works. Secretary Devos is a leading advocate for educational-choice movement and the chairperson of the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation.

She also serves as the chai of the American Federation of children and the Alliance for School Choice. Truly, her charitable works range widely. Mrs. Devos is also a member of several boards like the Kids Hope USA and the Mars Hill Bible Church.Dick and Besty Devos Family Foundation was started by the couple in order to help provide quality education and choices to students and parents across the U.S. Her impact in the education system is clear since as at this point, there are 250,000 students in 33 programs across 17 states. Through the years the foundation has expanded programs to several states like Arizona, Virginia, and Indiana. Mrs. Devos has made it possible for many students to get tax-credit scholarships especially in Florida where close to 50000 students are under the program. Mr. Devos hopes that in future, all parents in America will be able to choose the best schools for their children no matter the Z.I.P. code.


The Charity Work of Open Society Foundation of founded by George Soros

George Soros is one of the greatest philanthropists in the world. Soros has supported many organizations and individuals in the world who fight for accountable governments, freedom of expression, transparency and those supporting justice and equality. He focuses mainly on groups and people who have been discriminated for who they are. He has supported groups such as LGBTI people, sex workers, and drug users. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Soros who survived the Nazi occupation of 1944 to 1945, says in an open society foundation that his family escapes the murder by forging identity papers concealing their background. By doing so, they escaped their fate and ended helping other people. It is in this spirit that Soros has become charitable. His charity work began in South Africa during the apartheid in 1979. He gave scholarships to black South African and in the 1980s, he provided photocopiers to an eastern communist bloc that promoted the open exchange of ideas. He created the central university to foster critical thinking after the fall of Berlin Wall. He supported cultural exchange amongst Eastern Europe and west and funded Soviet society. Soros expanded his charitable works into the United States, Asia, and Africa after the end of the cold war.

Soros worked as a night club waiter and railway porter in London and used his wages to pay for his fee. He relocated to the United States and joined the world of finance and investments. He made his fortune in this world and 1970 he launched his hedge fund known as Soros Fund management and ended up being one of the most successful investors in the United States.

The billionaire George Soros has built a kingdom that donates throughout Europe and duplicates political machine powered by not for profit making organizations that have had a significant influence on American politics. According to the Washington Times, Soros donated more than $33 million to support established groups that were the grassroots of Ferguson movement. His financial contribution has turned the one day protest into a 24 hour a day national protest. Soros believes that people should participate in government. Soros who is the founder and director of open society foundation noted that one way of making the society more accountable is helping groups combine research and policy with community organizing. Read this story at about George Soros.

The Open Society has been making donations to groups since it was founded in the early 1990s. Though the groups in the protests have received donations from Soros, they were not directed to protest at the request of Open Society. The protest at Ferguson and Cleveland were spontaneous, and the organization does not have the ability to dictate what others say. The circumstances have gained people’s attention, and the social justice groups involved have seen that such incidents represent a lack of democratic participation and accountability.

UKV PLC Offers a Better Understanding of French Wine

French wine can be a complicated topic not only for wine novices but also for the most experienced connoisseurs. The often-complicated nature of labeling wine production in France can prove to be overwhelming. Hence, it is imperative for beginners to acquaint themselves with certain basics before taking on the subject on French wine.

According to tips offered by UKV PLC, it is important for a novice to familiarize himself or herself with the French appellation system. Unlike other wines where the grape variety is printed on the label, French wines are labeled according to their region of origin. This idea originates from the French concept of terroir. It revolves around the notion that soil, climate, altitude, local tradition, topography result into the unique character of wine.

Although excellent wines are produced in France, it is imperative to know some of the notable regions known for producing wine. They include Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire and northeastern France region among others. For wine from these regions, UKV PLC offers wide variety of French wine to complement the desires of each wine lover.


United Kingdom Vintners is a company that specializes in the sales and acquisition of the globe’s most exciting investment grade luxury fine wine. Its operations feature a small team made up of committed fine wine consultant who offers guidance to clients through the available options. The experts are ideal for the job since they hold a wealth of knowledge and experience in the wine business, which comes in handy when selecting the most suitable champagne or wine for any purpose or occasion.

UKV PLC runs as a privately owned and independent wine company that has no connections to a limited supply chain.UKV PLC works in close collaboration with a vast network of traders, merchants and brokers to not only source but also draw stock from, especially when searching for rare or highly sought after wine. UKV PLC also carries various products such as Italian wines, Burgundy wines, Bordeaux wines, Spanish wines, investment wines, and champagnes. Additionally, the company maintains a strong social media presence on various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Learn how to be a Brazilian Attorney like Ricardo Tosto

Brazilian Attorney Ricardo Tosto is one of the best in the nation. He is a distinguished lawyer that has done a lot of good for the nation and its legal system. Before Ricardo Tosto could become the decorated lawyer that he is known to be; he had to learn his trade. The following information will explain the steps that it takes to become a Brazilian lawyer.

In order for a person to become a lawyer in Brazil they first must attend college and then law school. A Bacharel em Direito is the entry level degree that a person will need to practice law in Brazil. Most students can obtain one of these degrees within 7 years. If they take a fast track program they can probably get their law degree in 5 but many students take at least 7 years to accomplish this goal.

If you ask Ricardo Tosto if the coursework for becoming a lawyer is easy; he will tell you that it is not. Learning Brazilian law is very complex because the system is not easy to master. A person will have to know how Brazil’s legal system and how it is formed. They will also have to know how it works.

The Brazilian Federal Constitution is the basis of the nation’s legal system. This complex government document is not just a bunch of rules and regulations. Attorneys like Ricardo Tosto can testify to how complex and challenging that it is. The Federal Constitution is actually a living document that can change and grow as needed. The fact is that a person wanting to become a lawyer must really understand how it works.

Once they graduate from a law school they will be ready for the bar exam. The bar exam will test their knowledge of Brazil’s law system. Individuals like Ricardo Tosto who pass the exam, will be ready to work in the field. If they fail, they will have to retake the exam until they pass before they can practice law. Becoming a lawyer in Brazil is hard work and time consuming but the rewards for this career are great.

Private Company Talos Energy Selected To Drill Sureste Basin

The Sureste Basin may be home to as much as 500 million barrels worth of oil, but we just don’t yet know. The reason being because private companies have not been allowed to drill there for almost 80 years. They have been excluded because the government of Mexico nationalized the oil and gas industry a very long time ago. They permitted only their own state-run company to do any drilling or oil business in that area. It is something that has frustrated the industry for a long time, but now things are changing.

In 2015 the people of Mexico voted to allow private companies to get a shot at drilling in the Gulf Of Mexico. Following that vote, there was a bidding process in which private companies competed with one another for the opportunity to drill there. Talos Energy was among the three companies that won the right to do so.

Talos Energy partnered with Sierra Oil and Gas as well as Premier Oil to get a drill going down in the Sureste Basin. Talos itself owns 35% of the drill while Sierra has 40% and Premier the remaining 25%. This means that all three partners have a very big vested interest in this project working out well for them.

Talos Energy is an independently owned oil company looking to make a big splash with this project. The company is definitely position for more growth in the future, and this could be the first step towards those goals. They look for unique opportunities like this in order to make money. They have worked on plenty of projects in the Gulf before and want to see this one work out as well.

The employees of Talos will tell you that it is a great place to work. They have seen how the corporate culture rewards them, and they have seen how the company has plenty of room for growth and advancement. It is an exciting place to work and those who do their jobs well are frequently rewarded for those efforts. Therefore, it is a good thing this was the type of company selected to work on such a sensitive and important project.

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Tips For How Men Can Stay Healthy

Life Line Screening has released a list of ways that men can address their health strategies in order to be healthy. Chief among these is to reduce the chronic stress in their lives. When a man experiences persistent stress they build up cortisol which weakens their immune systems. There are ways to de-stress such as meditating, listening to music they enjoy, and relaxing in a hot tub.

Hard workouts which includes running and swimming have been shown to increase blood flow to health throughout the body. This increases the amount of oxygen in the blood as well as boosting dopamine levels among other advantages. Men should also check their blood pressure, optimally three times a day. High blood pressure can leave to strokes or cause blood vessels to rupture or become stiff. If blood pressure is chronically high they should see a doctor about getting blood pressure medications prescribed.

Men should get two doctor appointments a year and tell their doctor about any symptoms they have been experiencing. This can include a list or chart of symptoms as well as including how they have been sleeping and what they have been eating. Men should get their cholesterol checked every year as well as avoid food that has a lot of oil and/or salt. Another tip is to get 2000 milligrams of niacin every day which helps to promote blood flow.

Life Line Screenings is a company that provides tests which can detect the early stages of diseases and other health problems. The Life Line Screenings founded in 1993 in Florida and provides screening across the United States and the UK. They have screened over 500,000 people at local events held in senior centers, community buildings, businesses, churches, and other places where a large number of people can get screened.

Life Line Screenings partnered with a number of insurance companies, health organizations, and hospitals. The list includes Ameriplan, MCM Solutions, Carolina Vascular, and other institutions.

They also provide the anonymous health data they collect to clinical research teams which are researching diseases and health issues. In one study there proved to be a correlation between excessive weight and abdominal aortic aneurysms.

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Mike Baur’s Contribution to Entrepreneurial Success among Youths in Zurich

Mike Baur is a native of Fribourg, Switzerland, a region with which he still strongly identifies. He got interested and actively involved in Banking and Finance when he was just a teenager and developed this passion into a successful profession. He stayed in the Swiss Private Bank for nearly two decades during the time which he rose to the position of a member of the executive board of the Swiss Private Bank from a lower rank of a commercial apprentice at the UBS.


At age 39, Mike’s entrepreneurial journey officially commenced. Together with two other entrepreneurs, they co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. This factory has grown rapidly being the leading independent ICT Startup Accelerator in the country. Mike Baur is deeply involved in Swiss youth entrepreneurship where he works to support various Swiss Startups by mentoring them and offering financial assistance. Many upcoming entrepreneurs are doing well today in Zurich because of his assistance.


He attended the University of Rochester located in New York from where he acquired an MBA. The University of Bern also awarded him an Executive MBA. After school, Mike worked with various companies before opting out to work together with the other to form their own company. As a banker, he worked for Clariden Leu and UBS, both of which he had a very successful career. Mike Baur quit his work and started to invest in startups.


After getting involved in the startup companies and acquiring the necessary experience, Mike entered into a partnership with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister, and together they founded Swiss Startup Factory. The factory then partnered with CTI Invest in January 2016 and Baur. Following this partnership, Baur was named CTI Invest’s deputy managing director. The Swiss Startup Factory then successfully undertook an accelerator program working with Goldback Group under the able leadership of Mike Baur. He also engineered the partnership of this company with Fintech Fusion.


Swiss Startup Factory is based in Zurich and is an accelerator company that deals with the upcoming digital entrepreneurs. Using its strong connection across Switzerland and elsewhere on the globe, the company offers exciting opportunities to its clients from the very first day. It has a start-up accelerator program that is always scheduled to be three months long. Through this program, the companies strive to offer a unique platform of coaching, services, mentoring, entrepreneurial network as well as a strategically positioned office space in Zurich.





The New Technology And Positive Care Of The Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America are also referred to as CTCA. NantHealth, Allscripts and CTCA have combined to create a technological solution to help in the process of treating cancer. The solution is an integrated program that provides information on cancer treatment without causing interruptions to the treating physician. The program is called NantOS and includes the data of oncologists from all over the nation. Thanks to Clinical Pathways the program has the ability to present all options regarding treatments.

The program has been designed to take patients into consideration. Oncologists can choose from available research, treatments, therapies and regimens. These options are patient specific and include comparisons of the average cost of specific treatment programs and available options. The program com bines supportive therapies for patients and clinical approaches based on current evidence. Doctors have access to response rates, guidelines, toxicity and adverse reactions to drugs at the touch of a button. The platform makes it easier for medical teams and patients to discuss and compare options for treatment. The clinical data expedites approvals from patients insurance carriers.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have their headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. They are a national network and maintain five hospitals. CTCA specializes in the treatment of adults with cancer. They use an approach that is integrated and combines genomic testing advancements, radiation, precision cancer treatment, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and surgery. Their therapies are supportive to their patients and based on evidence. CTCA provides both emotional and physical support for patients, works to enhance their quality of life and helps in the management of side effects.

CTCA has patients from all over the world at hospitals located in Chicago, Tulsa, Atlanta, Phoenix and Philadelphia. They are ranked highly in the United States for their consistent quality of care and their patients experiences. Their patients and families are encouraged to remain active regarding decisions pertinent to their treatment.

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