Why Chris Burch Knows More Than Just Fashion

Chris Burch, the founder of Tory Burch and other retail brands is now regarded as the owner of the finest resort in the world. Burch decided to build a five-star resort on a remote Indonesian Island after taking a peek at a beach hostel that was less than desirable. This five-star resort is now deemed as the finest resort in the world, putting Burch on the map yet again for a wise investment. As an entrepreneur, Burch is always seeking another opportunity where he can best get a return on his investment.

Burch didn’t take the leap alone, but joined hands with a well-known hotelier, James McBride for the transaction. The island of Sumba is where the resort is located, purchased by Burch and McBride in 2012. The hostel they purchased rang in at a price tag of $30 million dollars for renovations and the property. The two men re-opened it as a five-star resort, under the name of Nihiwatu in 2015. It didn’t take long for the resort to get the vote as the “best in the world”, getting that vote in 2016 by the Travel+Leisure Magazine. Check bloomberg.com for additional reading.

Business Jet Traveler did an interview with Burch in 2015, in which he shared the sentiment that he purchased the resort for his children. Burch sees his investment as a way to preserve something, leaving it better than he found it. He talked about the natural beauty of the location, and how it is easy to jump in and create something more because of how beautiful it truly is there. Burch also commented that the resort turned into something greater than he had anticipated.  For the full interview, hit on bjtonline.com.

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital a company that he founded with the intent to invest in businesses to help them get started as well as give them the opportunity for expansion. Read more here. As an entrepreneur, Burch also has a knack for building brands, and helping them excel to another level. As of March 2013, Burch’s net worth was totaling $1 billion dollars, and has six children with his wife Tory, with whom he started fashion brand Tory Burch, LLC.  Check huffingtonpost.com.

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Jose Borghi – One of the Leading Advertising Gurus in Brazil

Jose Borghi is the man behind some of the unique and thought-provoking ads in Brazil, including the highly famous “The Mammals of Parmalat” ad, which he created for the wildlife conservation. Jose Borghi is one of those advertising professionals who give meaning to the ads he creates and thinks completely out of the box to ensure that the message of the ad campaign reaches out to the target audience and generates results. Jose Borghi holds bachelor’s in marketing from Pontifical Catholic University, which has helped him understand the technical aspects of marketing and advertising business.

Jose Borghi decided from his childhood itself that he would be an advertising professional as he felt in love with some of the award-winning ads Jose saw when he was young. The award-winning ads that his sister took him to watch at a theater had a tremendous impact on him and convinced him that he is born to be a marketing professional.

After completing his studies, Jose Borghi joined Standard Ogilvy, which is the top advertising firm in the world, where he learned a lot about the advertising world. After working for Standard Ogilvy for some time, he joined many other companies like Leo Burnett, Talent, FCB, DM9DDB, and others, where he got further exposure to the advertising space in Brazil, and also developed a vast network in the advertising world of Brazil.

However, after working for so any ad agencies, Jose finally decided to start his ad agency, and it is what gave birth to Borghi Erh Creative Intelligence. He started the firm with the help of other advertising professional, Erh Ray, with whom Jose Borghi has worked with for a long time and his Youtube.

However, even though Borghi Erh Advertising firm was doing well, Jose Borghi decided to merge the company with Mullen, and the business later merged with Lowe after a couple of years. The company is now known as Mullen Lowe, and Jose Borghi holds the position of co-CEO with the enterprise. Jose Borghi has helped bring some of the big accounts for the company, which has considerably helped increase the revenue of the firm. Jose Borghi has won many awards, including at Cannes, New York Film Festival, One Show, Abril Awards and more information click here.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America: A Place of Hope & Healing:

Cancer was once one of the most dreaded diseases that a person could have. Today, cancer may still cause great fear and panic however treatment options have greatly improved over the years. Treatment for cancer is now more effective and it can certainly prolong ones life and even cure a person in some cases.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America provide a great deal of hope as well as comfort for a person diagnosed with Cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has an staff of excellent physicians, trained nurses, social workers and other staff members that can assist the patient in their journey when trying to beat the disease.

The Physicians will recommend the best treatment options and monitor the patients progress from start to finish. In addition, the caring staff of nurses will provide the best possible care to the patient. The staff can provide great emotional support to the cancer patient which is so very important when trying to battle a difficult disease.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses the latest technology and treatment options available. Chemotherapy as well as radiation treatments have been greatly improved over the years. The Physicians will explain every aspect of the patients treatment and they will chart the patients progress throughout the entire course of treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have the patients best interest at heart. Patients will be made as comfortable as possible and the staff members are willing to consider any requests or concerns that the patient may have.

When someone is dealing with Cancer it can be difficult not only on the person diagnosed but also the family members. Therefore, you can be assured that the trained staff at Cancer Treatment Centers of America will provide not only the best medical care and treatment but also emotional support to patients and their families.

*Importance of Strong Emotional Support:

Just knowing that someone cares can help a person better cope with their cancer diagnosis. Providing hope, emotional support as well as excellent and advanced treatment is what sets Cancer Treatment Centers of America aside from other hospitals and treatment facilities. The staff does really care about each and every patient that walks through that door.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has five locations within the United States. The center uses an CTCA integrative treatment model which treats Cancers with surgery, immunotherapy, chemotherapy and radiation. In addition, Cancer Treatment Centers of America use the best possible methods when treating any side effects associated with Cancer treatment. Nausea and vomiting can be easily controlled with appropriate medications.

The center offers various activities and classes to help patients stay as active as possible during their treatment cycle. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is certainly in a class by itself. The web site can be viewed at www.cancercenter.com.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter.

A Home Based Business, The Traveling Vineyard

A wine guide, who works with the Traveling Vineyard, will connect with people who are interested in having a free wine tasting party for their friends and family. The wine guide is expected to help the host plan for the party, and then run the tasting table once the party has begun.

The Traveling Vineyard provides their award winning, exclusive wines to the wine guide for marketing. The wine guide will take orders from people at the party, log the orders in, and make up to 35% of the profits. The Traveling Vineyard is responsible for shipping out every order, so that the wine guide can move on to their next party.

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There are not any minimums required for the home based business. Each wine guide has complete control of their own schedule. Training and support to grow the business is readily available. In order to get started, an initial fee of $189 is required to supply the accessories and wine necessary for the first two parties. If enough orders are made at the party, the Traveling Vineyard will supply the wine needed for the following party. If there are not enough orders made to earn a credit, the following parties will be $75 for the necessary five bottles of wine. A personalized website is created for each wine guide. The first 90 days are free, after that it is $15.95 per month. A percentage is made, by the wine guide, for all the orders made by their team members.

Visit travelingvineyard.com for more information about Traveling Vineyard.

Entrepreneur Christopher Burch Renovates and Opens the Most Beautiful Resort, Nihiwatu in Indonesia

Chris Burch is an active entrepreneur with many diverse retail brands. The newest in his scope is in the hospitality market. He bought a beach hotel located on the Indonesian island of Sumba with his friend James McBride, an hotelier. Together they used approximately $30 million to renovate the beach hostel and revived it as a five-star resort with the name Nihiwatu back in 2015. In 2016, the resort was voted the best hotel on earth by Travel and Leisure.

Chris Burch pointed out in an interview with Business Jet Traveller that he bought the hotel for his children as something he hopes they can preserve and give back to the community. He further explained that Nihiwatu was a special, beautiful place and that’s why he did extraordinary things like building a spa under a waterfall and even having a personal butler in each room.

The Wall Street Journal featured Chris and explained that he divided his time between three main locations including Miami, Hamptons and his new resort in Indonesia. The resort comprises of approximately 27 private villa including Burch’s private home. Nihiwatu has since become the biggest local employer for individuals on the island. Moreover, a percentage of the resort’s revenue is donated to the Sumba Foundation. Sumba Foundation is a charitable organization that funds important projects in the local community. Burch and McBride are planning to expand and construct more hotels in Nicaragua and Costa Rica that will be accessed by the millennial tourist.  More of this on bjtonline.com.

About Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is the creator and principal of Burch Creative Capital. Moreover, he is a serial entrepreneur in a wide range of markets such as real estate, fashion, technology and now hospitality. His known brand portfolio includes Poppin, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon0, and Nihiwatu. He also has a Trademark to some recognized brands like Voss Water, Faena Hotel + Universe, and Jawbone. Burch is passionate about branding, and he applies his sales and marketing expertise to his many business ventures. He has over 40 years’ experience as an investor and entrepreneur, participating in the rise of over fifty corporations.  More of this on wsj.com.   What has made him successful is his combination of intuitive understanding of consumer behaviour with multinationals and direct sourcing experience.

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Additionally, Chris Burch also worked as a board member at Rothman Institute Orthopaedic Foundation, and he was a former president of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board. He is also a philanthropist who has donated funds to several foundations including Mt Sinai Hospital in New York, The Henry Street Settlement, The Sumba Foundation, The Child Welfare League of China and The China Association of Social Work.  Additional article on huffingtonpost.com.

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Christopher Burch Details on his Business Career

Later in 2012, Christopher Burch sold much of his 28.3 percent stake he had in his ex-wife’s fashion brand known as Rory Burch. The stake sold cost 650 million dollars. This made Chris join the list of billionaires on Forbes in the year 2013. Once he sold his share, he was finally able to eradicate lawsuits filed against him and claims which had started to threaten the future of his brand. They had divorced back in the year 2006, but effects of this started to be seen in 2011. This is the same year Chris had introduced C. Wonder that was dealing with clothing and gift chains resembling Tory’s brand, check this on bjtonline.com.   He sold his products at a lower cost, unlike Tory.

After a while of trouble, they were able to solve their differences, and they settled late in 2012 the same time Chris was selling his stake. However, he was left with a small stake in the business. On February 2013, he sold a stake of 10 percent of his company C. Wonder to fidelity investments. Fidelity paid him 35 million dollars to acquire this stake. He has maintained a majority of the stake to date and has billionaire Len Blavatnik as an investor. Chris Burch has indicated that he wants to push his company beyond borders to the international market. He intends to open more than 300 stores allover the globe in a period of three years.  For more reading, head over to businessinsider.com

The man has lots of interests when it comes to investing in firms with potential. He has so far invested in office supply firm popping, manufacturers of phone gadgets known as Aliph that own the Bluetooth handset Jawbone, wireless charging Powermat among other things. His daughters Alexandra and Louisa have joined the family business and have already launched fashion lines. The future for them is bright considering that they have both their parents to coach them on how they will go about the business owing to their experience.

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Touching on a different thing, Burch was raised in Pennsylvania. He has in the past admitted how poor he was in school. He used to be last in his elementary school because he found it difficult to concentrate and read. The teachers used to tell his parents how Burch was always absent minded while in class and this would break his future. Now that we are living in the future, we all know it did not break him. Probably the reason he was always absent minded was that he was thinking about how to start his empire which he already has.   Related article on wsj.com.

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A Keen Look At Sujit Choudhry, The Comparative Law Specialist

The behaviors and actions of people in a country are regulated by the law. More so, their duties to the state and their individual rights are upheld by the same law. Consequently, this law is contained in a very coveted state document, which is the constitution. It plays a very crucial role in the country since everything ranging from man, animals to properties is under its governance. In simple terms, a constitution is a state governor and regulator. However, the big question lies, who formulates a constitution? Sujit Choudhry is a professional in constitutional matters and has participated in formulation and amendment of numerous constitutions.  Check ideamensch.com for related article.

Sujit Choudhry is an expert in comparative law, and he possesses extensive knowledge and experience in this field. His academic and legal background is remarkable. He has three law degrees from renowned institutions on the globe, as he studied in Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard. His extensive familiarity and understanding of comparative law enable him to navigate through any legal and political system in the world. It makes him a standout legal-constitutional specialist.

Sujit Choudhry approves of having experience as an advisor in matters of the constitution. His services mainly focus on the writing of new constitutions and also amending the existing ones. As such, he aims at fostering democracy worldwide through transitioning of constitutions. He strongly asserts that matters revolving around constitution transitioning pop up due to an incomplete, non-existent or outdated knowledge that hinders constitution effectiveness and efficiency., click on iconnectblog.com for an important article.

Sujit Choudhry is the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the Founding Director of Center for Constitutional Transitions, which develops and mobilizes knowledge in aid of building the constitution, more of this on blogs.law.nyu.edu. His firm’s operations have been successful having worked with fifty plus experts from 25 different countries. For this reason, it has seen it partner with NGOs and many multinational organizations towards worldwide constitutional transition. For more reading, visit sujitchoudhry.com.

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Knowing How To Make Money Like Lori Senecal

When people put money towards something, they are looking for a return on their investment. It does not matter what they put their money towards. For instance, when someone pays money for clothes, they are hoping to be able to wear the item. When it comes to business, people hope to buy something that is going to increase the amount of income the company makes. Among the things that people buy for their business is advertising. They buy advertising campaigns and advertising spaces. This way, business owners will be able to spread the word about their company. Then people will be able to buy from them.

One way to get a good advertising campaign going is to get the help of an advertiser. One such advertiser is Lori Senecal. One of the reasons she is so effective as an advertiser is that she understands that business owners are looking for ways to increase their income. Another thing she realizes is that it is in the best interest of the business owner that the ad campaign is finished in a short amount of time. This is one of the reasons that Lori Senecal comes up with some of the best campaigns in a short amount of time.

Lori is very passionate about every aspect of her career. Therefore, she has taken the time to come up with a plan that organizes her day so that it does not become chaotic. After all, chaos can be draining, especially for an introvert. Lori needs as much structure as she can get while dealing with the artistic and high energy world of advertising. One good thing about Lori is that she knows how to conserve her energy with the work she does. All of her focus goes into serving her clients and making sure they are happy with the results. You can visit LinkedIn for more details.


Securus Technologies is a Wonderful Communications Platform For Inmates, Their Visitor(s), and Law Enforcement Agencies

Securus Technologies has made communicating easier for inmates and visitors. Traditionally, visitors would be required to visit inmates at their locations in jail; however, with Securus Technologies, visitors no longer have to travel to the correctional facility inmates are incarcerated in. It is a wonderful program that is bringing inmates and their friends, relatives, and/or significant others closer to one another without requiring them to undergo what has often been considered as processes that can be hassles.


If you would like to utilize the Securus Technologies platform, please do not hesitate to contact the program’s customer service representatives, as they will be more than happy to assist you in signing up for the program, as well as to have it installed on your computer. If you aren’t quite sure about whether the program is being offered at your particular correctional facility, please visit the website to see whether it is currently incorporated into your correctional facility’s communications system.


It is important to note that Securus Technologies is offering a wonderful opportunity of crime prevention, as the conversations that take place between the inmates and their visitor(s) can be utilized in courts for investigative purposes should it be necessary. It is a program that isn’t necessarily outright targeting inmates and their conversations; however, if criminal matters are spoken about in them with their visitor(s), then a criminal case could potentially be opened. If you are not necessarily sure about what exactly this program offers you, then please do not hesitate to read through the details that are available on the website. There are many different types of information available on it, all of which can be considered as being quite valuable for anyone who may be wishing to utilize it for their communicative purposes.


The Illustrious And Pioneering Career Of Sheldon Lavin


Transitioning jobs in different industries is not a typical move by the average professional. It requires dedication, passion and the drive to acquire all the necessary skills to execute the new task efficiently. One courageous banking and investment professional, Sheldon Lavin, made a move to be a small business leader in the 70s, leaving behind a successful career and a finance enterprise. Sheldon previously worked as an executive and investor in the banking industry and currently heads the OSI Group, LLC as chief executive officer and chairman. Learn More.

In his previous tenure, he oversaw the financing of OSI’s predecessor, Otto and Sons. After Otto and Sons had attracted an opportunity to supply meat to the McDonalds Corporation, they needed capital to execute the deal. Sheldon Lavin transacted the financing required from the bank and later became a consultant for Otto and Sons at the request of the bank. In 1975, when Otto retired from the company, Sheldon became a partner with equal shares as the sons. A few years later, McDonald’s urged Sheldon to be part of OSI’s business so as to continue growing the business relationship. Sheldon joined the OSI Group full-time and began laying down foundations to expand the enterprise to other countries. By the mid-1980s OSI had gained substantial ground in Taiwan and South America and presently supplies meat to 16 nations. Sheldon owns 100 percent of the firm’s voting control following the exit of the two original partners from the business. He has a deep appreciation for the company’s culture and plans to continue spreading and diversifying the business overseas. Contact Sheldon .

In February 2016, Sheldon received a Global Visionary Award during the 5th annual award celebrations of Vision World Academy in India. The awards recognize enduring business leaders who transform small businesses into giants in their industry. Sheldon received an honor for turning OSI from a little McDonald’s meat supplier to an international company with clients in 16 countries. Sheldon is a council member of Goodman Theatre and Rush University Medical Center. He is the chairman of various organizations including Inner City Foundation and United Negro College Find. He is a trustee of Ronald McDonald House and serves the Sheba Foundation as director and president.

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