ClassDojo Uses Communication Platform To Improve Education

ClassDojo is a communication app for classrooms. It works by creating a community between students, parents, and teachers. The app can be used to share pictures, videos, and messages with each other, working together as a team to create a positive culture within classrooms and schools all over the country.

Since being founded in 2011, ClassDojo has grown to become an app used in 90 percent of schools in the U.S. and in over 180 countries. The app has been translated into over 35 languages and 1 in 3 American students (ages 5-14) have learned things like empathy and growth mindset using the innovative app.

According to, In 2016, ClassDojo received even more funding to add to their already staggering amounts. Venture funding resulted in $21 million raised to expand ClassDojo’s platform of connecting teachers, students, and parents to help them communicate more effectively about activities, and social and behavior development. has more of this.

Instead of parent-teacher meetings that occur every few months, ClassDojo offers a way for them to be apprised of what kids are experiencing and how they are behaving on a daily basis. ClassDojo is currently in the process of bettering their app, finding new and useful ways to build content that is useful to parents and teachers not just during the school day, but also at home. ClassDojo’s founders’ hope is that their app will help guide conversations and relationships between students and parents at home that will also help enhance learning and development at school.

ClassDojo is currently focused on distributing its app to even more schools and parents. The founders are also considering adding services to the free app which will include premium features and content that parents and teachers could pay for. In a technological world that is focused on social media, ClassDojo uses a popular platform that is built and meant for education, helping to create a positive culture within classrooms, schools, and homes.

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