Enjoy Cheap and High Quality Outfits With Fabletics

Fabletics is a high quality and innovative fitness active wear line for the 21st century woman. This line of women’s wear was co-founded by the famous TV celebrity Kate Hudson and JustFab Inc. The variety of designs offered by this brand all reflect its quality standards from fashion-infused products to workout essentials. With Fabletics, you are spoilt for choice when shopping for tanks, tops, sport bras, tees, hoodies, leggings, jackets, shorts, and pants.



How Does Fabletics Work?



When you join Fabletics as a VIP, the first outfit you get will be priced at a mere $25. You also stand to get discounts when you buy a la carte products. Furthermore, as a VIP member, you are not required to pay monthly fees or buy anything. In case you do not buy anything in any given month you are not charged. The main benefit of joining Fabletics is that you will get outfits customized for you every month.



Once you join Fabletics, you will be taken through a survey regarding the types of workouts you are engaged in, and the style of outfits you prefer. At the start of every month, Fabletics will pick workout outfits for you based on the answers you provided in the survey.



Reward Program



Every time you submit a product review or make a purchase you earn points. Each dollar spent on purchases earns you 2 points. 100 points equals $49.95. You can get reward points by sharing your opinion about the outfits you have purchased. After you attain more than 300 points, you will receive free gear. For 700 points you can get higher valued items for free. You can further redeem 1,000 points, for better rewards.



Return Policy



Fabletics is dedicated to satisfying its customers. For this reason, you can be able to return an item 30 days after purchasing it. Any item that is returned should be new and unused and should bear all the original tags. However, some items acquired by special promotions cannot be returned. There are three return options you can choose from without any charge:



  • Returning an item for credit
  • Returning an item in exchange for another
  • Returning an item to get a refund ( a $5.95 fee will be charged on the refund)


Fabletics, backed by a prestigious Hollywood star, is a non-generic, trendy brand which is both cheap and of great quality. The main benefits of Fabletics include its variety of outfits, its VIP program, its reward program, and its return policy.

Todd Lubar gives great tips on making it in business

After graduating college, many students find themselves in the dilemma of having the needed skills, and the papers to support it, but no valuable experience. The ones who aren’t lucky enough to get rookie or graduate trainee positions have a longer than usual job hunt. This is exactly the situation that Todd Lubar found himself in when he started out 20 years ago. His current success however proves that everything is possible when one is focused.

When he started out Todd was not afraid to try different business ideas. He was just happy to try and see what would work best for him. The first thing that caught his attention was real estate investing. He soon realized that this was a venture that he really liked and he wanted to spend a long time investing in the same. He knew that success in the field depended on the networks that he could make. He started contacting people such as estate agents, brokers, CPAs and other financial planners to help him with his referral business.

He organized his finances and invested in the business of mortgage lending. He had studied the market and realized that not everyone who wanted a mortgage got an easy time from the conventional lenders. With the help of the First Magnus Corporation, he started a mortgage business that had a different approach to lending. He was so successful with the business that more than 7000 people got great homes from the venture.

During the time that he has been investing, he has interacted with thousands of clients. This has given him a very insightful understanding of the business and how everything within it operates. This is the knowledge that helps him solve all types of problems that his clients present to him.

He has also been successful in other business types. These include a scrap metal recycling outfit and a building demolition company. Both businesses were very successful because he understands how to look for gaps in the market and sufficiently fill them.


Nexbank President John Holt Attends the 2016 Texas Bankers Association Conference to Discuss Community Banking Challenges

Innovative competition in the banking industry is a concern for most advisors, consultants, and community bank leaders seeking strategic opportunities. It’s one of the reasons Texas Bankers Association holds annual merger & acquisition (M&A) and opportunity conferences, which are events to bring banking professionals together in a forum. Nexbank, one of the largest and oldest banks in Dallas, TX was represented by President John Holt, who served as a panelist. As guest speaker he discussed reinventing community banking and perceptions on innovative competition.



The Fifth Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference sponsored by the Texas Bankers Association was held on November 07th, 2016. Banking professionals, including advisors and leaders participated in an open forum discussion about planned opportunities involving branching, growth, performance of merger & acquisition. They also discussed challenges leaders of community banks are experiencing and shared possible opportunities. Nexbank announced on PR Newswire in November that John Holt participated in the panel discussion in New Orleans, LA.



Nexbank is a leading commercial and personal banking institution that was founded in the 1920’s as Heritage Bank, changing its name in 2005. Five months before the conference John Holt announced the institution raised $24 million to support opportunities for growth and development. The regional bank received a BBB+ grade rating for their deposit and senior unsecured debt.



Nexbank is headquartered in Dallas and serves the Dallas-Fort Worth communities providing banking services to corporations, small companies, investors, and consumers. For consumers, the institution offers personal checking account, savings account, and mortgage services. The bank’s institutional services comprise of M&A, corporate advisory, loan, investment banking, and finance. The top performing award winning financial institution attended the 2016 Annual Conference to collaborate with other leaders and professionals on growth and other strategic opportunities.


Talk Fusion Does Not Rest

Whenever someone hears about the great companies or the great athletes, one thing they hear a lot about is their work ethic. They are always working and they are always going the extra mile. They don’t believe in such a thing as rest. For them, they rest when they retire. That is when it is time for rest. In the meantime, it is time to get things done and it is time to keep moving forward and keep the product or their careers in a great place. That is how they are wired. They are wired differently from other people and that is a good thing. That is what separates them in the best possible way.


If there ever were a company that was setting itself apart from the pack, it would be Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion. This is a product that is going above and beyond the call of duty to get it right with video newsletters, video emails, and video chats. They know they have something special on their hands and they know they have something that is one of a kind. Other people are taking notice of this as well such as the Technology Marketing Corporation. In fact, they handed out two awards to Talk Fusion in 2016. One award is great enough as it is, but when someone is talking about two awards, that is truly something special and one of a kind. This award was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award.


Life is always better when there are solutions out there. Life is going to hand people problems and it is up to them to come up with the proper solutions for them in a timely manner. Talk Fusion makes that happen. With all of the things they offer, they also enhance communication, which is another wonderful thing in today’s world. It makes people connect and there can never be enough connection in the world for people out there as far as getting to know one another and making sure they understand where the other person is coming from and their point of view.

Lori Senecal At the Top of Her Career With Her Marketing Expertise

Lori Senecal, Global CEO for CP+B graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing and Finance.

She started her career with McCann Erickson in New York City in 2003 until 2007, in 2006 while still with McCann Erickson advanced to McCann Worldgroup as Global Chief Innovation Officer and left both positions in 2007. From 2007 until 2009 she was President of McCann New York. In 2009 until March of 2012 she was President and CEO of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners and in March of 2012, she was Chairman and CEO of Kirshenbaum. In 2014 she was the Global Executive Chairman for them. 2014 saw her as President and CEO of MDC Partners.

Lori’s current role is Global CEO for CP&B where she is responsible for overseeing the global growth and expansion. She also manages the coordination of their nine international offices with the focus on their continued global development.

She has, since joining CP&B has a tremendous impact on the culture and business of this agency. She has with her expertise created a modern global agency that is agile, inventive and collaborative that offers an international consistency along with a strong local market flair.

In 2016 according to 3percentconf.com, CP&B was recognized by Advertising Age as among the Creativity Innovators of the Year due to Lori Senecal’ leadership and her focus on talent that has fueled the company’s growth and development across geographies and disciplines. She was named, among only four others, as Agency Executives to Watch in 2016.

Lori has pioneered, for the industry, a new ambition that has ignited a movement to go beyond the” hyperbole” of innovation to genuine invention, to solidify the agency for an inventive world.

In an interview by hubspot.com, she said she encourages her employees to invent the type of career that they want and has backed startups that were pitched to her by employees.

As the youngest of four children, she had to work hard to create her own identity and said that this is what pushed her to dream big and to take bold action to differentiate, two sound values that have helped her ever since.

Read More: https://www.shootonline.com/news/tags/13820

Don Ressler Puts The Brilliance In E-Commerce Branding

You might not know about Don Ressler, if you don’t follow current digital commerce and technology happenings. However, you’re more than likely familiar with his fashionable clothing and accessory lines for today’s modern woman on the go.

Don Ressler, along with his business partner Adam Goldenberg, are two of the most successful build a brand experts in the internet arena. The co-CEOs of JustFab are even more famous with the addition of Fabletics. The latter is the wonderful triple collaboration of a women’s active wear label with their other co-founder, actress Kate Hudson.

JustFab Inc. has recently re-styled its corporate name to TechnoStyle Fashion Group. In other words, Ressler and Goldenberg have created e-commerce companies on Huffington Postthat define the blending of Fashion Avenue meeting Silicon Valley.

Under the JustFab fashion umbrella, the pair have launched online subscription fashion retailers on TechStyle.com such as JustFab, Fabletics, ShoeDazzle and FabKids. All of their online stores have soared to the top, as women around the globe sign up for subscription memberships as VIPs. The membership concept allows for greater value, sales and promotions.

The TechnoStyle Fashion Group believes its brand is super successful, because of the quality, modern styling and affordability of the trendy clothing and accessories. In addition, the attractive subscription program is simple to understand and can be canceled at any time, if a VIP member is no longer satisfied with the online retailer at http://brandettes.com/interviews/don-ressler-of-fabletics/.

Don Ressler brings an abundant amount of experience and talent to the e-commerce forefront and is considered to be one of business’ shining stars on LinkedIn. He, like Adam Goldenberg, began his career at an early age, captivated by internet commerce and learning how to build a brand that achieves fast and profitable results.

Ressler became quite adept at launching new companies and sold his own fitness endeavor, Fitness Heaven, to Intermix media in 2001. It was there, that Ressler and Goldenberg met and started working as a pair for the establishment, until Intermix was sold in 2005 to News Corporation.

The duo then embarked on their own, forming the e-commerce brand incubator platform known as Intelligent Beauty. From that launching, they founded a number of health and beauty companies that swiftly rose to the top of their competitors.

Re-shaping fashion e-commerce was next on the list for Don Ressler. He and Adam Goldenberg believed they could offer women a greater variety of on-trend clothing and accessories in a personalized subscription service. The pair believes their fashion features excellent quality, affordability and convenient shopping for busy women based worldwide.

Currently, Fabletics is TechStyle’s fastest growing label. They announced plans to open up to 100 new brick and mortar stores in the next five years, as a comfortable cushion to its e-commerce success.

Chaz Dean & The Success of WEN by Chaz Haircare

Having a healthy full head of hair doesn’t come by chance unless you’re one of the lucky one’s who were born with such blessings. Even if you are born with great hair you must protect it. Managing your luscious locks really isn’t hard if you know what you’re doing, but many people don’t know what their doing and that’s where problems arise. Yes we all know that the ladies adore their hair no matter the color or texture of it. This is a woman’s weapon of choice, but many women are actually destroying their hair on a cellular level.

Products that are chemical laced are the culprits as they are full of chemical additives. Parabens and sulfates are the perpetrators and with consistent use of these harmful agents, users will begin to experience a host of problems. Flakes, breakage, dry, and itchy scalp are the results. Even though they may help you achieve a certain look while providing temporary health, these products are known to wreak havoc on the scalp over time. Throw away those harsh chemicals and start using products that are more gentle would be a better route to take. One such product line for doing so is WEN by Chaz. This all exclusive brand is head shoulders better than Pantene, Olay, L’Oréal, and Head & Shoulder itself, “no pun intended.” http://www.guthy-renker.com/products/beauty/wen-haircare/

WEN by Chaz is constructed from a natural base that mother nature has produced and when being compared to the chemical laced products, (WEN) stands out by a mile. Users have saved their hair health by using Wen by Chaz products thanks to it’s nutritious benefits. There are so many herbal extracts in these formulas, it would be ridiculous to not try for use. For added shine, more moisture, decreased sebum production, and more manageable hair, WEN by Chaz is the winner.

Visit  the official Wen website  and follow Wen on Twitter for updates! More hair care tips and information available on crunchbase.com.


Solvy: Bringing Ease To A Difficult Subject

If there is one thing that often intimidates people in school, it is math. Math is considered a tough subject by many people. While many people are able to figure out addition, subtraction and even multiplication and division, a lot of people find themselves thrown off by the more complex equations.

A lot of people find these equations extremely difficult if not impossible. Fortunately, there are a lot of math aids that could be downloaded for people to take advantage of. Among the math aides is Solvy. Solvy is in fact one of the more innovative apps created by Alexei Beltyukov.

Alexei Beltyukov is someone who is very passionate about education. At the same time, he understands that people learn in different ways. Some people’s brains are wired in ways that make it very hard for them to deal with math equations. A lot of students find it hard to learn the more complex equations that the teachers give their students. However, Solvy, the platform helps students figure out the equation.

They not only get to understand the answer, but also figure out a way to get the answer. After all, teachers require students to write out their method of getting the answer so that they will be able to improve on their ability to figure out other equations.

Alexei Beltyukov is someone who thinks about the students that are faced with challenges. He wants to make it easier for the children so that they are able to figure out their equation and pass math with a better grade.

With Alexei Beltyukov bringing forth an innovative platform, students can be a little more confident about the subject of math. They don’t have to feel intimidated by the equations that they are faced with. They can actually have fun with the equation that they are working on.