Drawing Life From Her Fans, Wengie: Draw My Life, Video Recap

In under ten minutes, Wengie reveals all, gulp! According to fans, it’s long overdue, so she conquers the intimidation factor of smearing her whole life on a white board to be broadcast at


Wengie Draw My Life begins with a manipulative toddler who only eats ice cream and plays with clouds, who has Grandpa right where she wants him.


Displaced from China where she’s been living with Nanny and Grands, she arrives in Melbourne, a kid who doesn’t even know her own parents. In fact, she runs screaming when they first meet. Thankfully Grandfather turns the manipulation on her with a pack of Smarties.


She talks about shyness growing up, and how she never talked. She says her not talking was all her teachers could talk about at their parent-teacher conferences year after year.


Even harder to believe, she calls herself a tom boy. She makes her own toys, and is obsessed with robots, anime, Transformers, and Ninja Turtles.


Because her dad tries so hard to socialize her when she is little she develops a complex and over-compensates to make friends in high school. She mentions a crush on a boy she meets in the process.


Dreaming of becoming a fashion designer, she lands an accounting scholarship. That doesn’t work out because it excludes her creativity.


She walks away from four years as a poorly performing accountant to relish nearly overnight success as a social media consultant. Then, she branches out to publish her own fashion and beauty blog.


It gets her noticed in Singapore. She flies over to demonstrate her look. Then, she launches her youtube channel.


Between work, her blog, and the videos she posts, she loses manageability in her home and social life. She confesses the truth of winding up on national TV because her hoarding has become a concern to everyone, but the show cleans up her apartment and gives her a fresh start.


After that, she attributes her ability to continue with all the work that she does to the fans, now over a million, who she calls family, along with her husband, Matt.


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NFL Betting Is For Everyone on Covers.com

There is a common misconception in regards to NFL betting. It is that someone has to know it all to be a bettor. That is not the case. With a website like Covers.com, they are wise in the fact that they cater to everyone and anyone. They are not this exclusive club that only a select few people get to join. It does not matter how much you know about Super Bowl odds, NFL odds, or football odds, you can go on the website and make some money. Just because someone starts out as a novice, it does not mean they can’t learn more information and make some money.

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Waiakea Executives Discusses Benefits of Volcanic Water

The executives from Waiakea, a prominent producer of volcanic water from Hawaii, have recently discussed the benefits of volcanic water and how the consumption of this beneficial water can help to create sustainable water practices in the United States.

The executives stated that the primary goal of the the Waiakea water company was to increase the health of the global population by creating water that is beneficial to the human body as opposed to the fluoride laced water that is produced by public water facilities and pumped into millions of American homes on a daily basis.

Executives from Waiakea water stated that the volcanic water that is produced by Waiakea spring, the company’s water developer, is beneficial because of its alkaline properties, high mineral content, and bacteria destroying properties.

Alkaline Properties

Waiakea water executives stated that consumers name the water’s alkaline properties as the main reasons that they purchase volcanic water. The alkaline nature of the Hawaiian volcanoes from which the water is harvested creates a pure water that reduces acidity in the human body.

As modern medical research advances, even mainstream researchers have discovered the connection between acidic human bodies and the rates of cancer. By adapting a more alkaline diet, including the consumption of alkaline water and alkaline fruits and vegetables, humans can drastically reduce their rates of cancer and other debilitating, diet-related illnesses.

High Mineral Content

Waiakea water executives also discussed the beneficial nature of the mineral content in volcanic water. Because the water is harvested from mineral-rich volcanic ash, volcanic water is full of minerals that the standard american diet rarely ever provides.

According to Forbes, by consuming Waiakea’s water, Americans can successfully implement vital nutrients and minerals that are ordinarily only found in organic, ground-growing vegetables. The use of volcanic water can therefore drastically increase the overall health of adults who consume it frequently.

Bacteria Destroying Properties

Waiakea also provides volcanic water that contains many bacteria destroying properties. These properties have been tested by the several natural sustenance organizations. The results of this testing have shown that volcanic water is able to significantly reduce the occurrence of certain illnesses.

Bacterial infections are often experienced by individuals who consume the standard american diet and can be virtually eliminated through an increase in the intake of volcanic water. According to Noob Prenuer, Waiakea water executives have expressed an interest in creating educational literature in an effort to make the general public aware of the many benefits of consuming volcanic water.

Covers.com gives Tips for beginners in college football betting

Anyone that has ever placed a bet and won some good money out of it understands how good it feels. There are too many games to bet on and the betting companies are trying to keep up with the demands of the business. I case you are new to the game and are wondering where to start, college football could be a great start point. The wonderful thing about college games is that there are more than 30 games that you can participate in within the week and when the weekend comes, things get even more entertaining. The chances of winning with the college games are therefore always high.
Understanding the basic types of bets that are part of the games is the first step towards success in the betting setup.

The spread bet

This is the type of bet that is preferred by most people that participate in college football betting. The best is made such that the chances of winning and losing a bet are equal. The betting management gives out the line some length of time before the time when the game is scheduled to be played. When the line is being placed, the team that is stronger and being rooted for to win gets a – sign while the weaker team that looks like it will lose the game gets the + sign. Check out an example of such a bet on Covers.com.

The moneyline bet

This is what would be referred to as a blind bet. It is blind because you will not get any hints from the betting company on the team that is likely to carry the game. Here, you are supposed to carry out a study of the teams on your own and figure out the one that has chances of winning. You can make your own prediction based on the history of the teams, the outcomes of the games they have played against each other in the past and such clues.

1st quarter half line

As you know, the game is divided into sub-sections that are separated by breaks. The breaks are known as innings, quarters and halftimes. The companies create bets that cover the said periods of time. For instance, when there is a half time bet, the amount to bet will be half of the entire spread for the game. Similarly, a quarter will cover a quarter of the entire spread.
The NCAAF odds that you can place at Covers.com are countless. They will assist you understand the teams you are wagering for easier wins.

An Overview of Todd Lubar’s Successful Career

Todd Lubar is The President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. Lubar got his start in the real estate industry over 20 years ago. Lubar quickly realized that he was interested in every part of the industry. Lubar has a desire to help others achieve their dreams. Lubar decided that real estate and finance was his career path. Lubar started his career with Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. Lubar learned about conservative mortgage banking, and calls his time at Crestar Mortgage Corporation invaluable. Lubar quickly developed relationships with real estate agents, financial planners, and insurance agents.

Eventually, Todd Lubar received an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. This allowed Lubar to expand his lending talents to help broker loans to different investors besides a direct mortgage bank. Lubar opened Legendary Properties LLC, a residential development company designed to take his real estate focus to the next level. This lead to a progression of purchasing, selling, and profiting on different transactions from single dwellings to multi-family properties. Lubar was able to build relationships with people in the building trades to produce a product in quick fashion. That helped Lubar establish a line of credit with different banking institutions.

First Magnus Financial is one of the largest privately held mortgage companies in the United States. By having access to different programs and products, Lubar was able to expand his involvement in the Mortgage Banking industry.

After a decade of observing the market, Lubar found some unappreciated clients. This led to the opening of Legendary Financial LLC, an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC. Legendary Financial works as a commercial lending source for companies and individuals. Lubar used Legendary Properties liquidity to help a market of borrowers who have been unappreciated by other lending sources. Lubar was involved in a number of different transactions that helped him become confident is his abilities to analyze scenarios and make the right adjustments based on the market.


Why Your Brazilian Corporation Needs a Lawyer

Brazil’s corporations have several challenges that they must navigate in the legal world. Businesses often face lawsuits from disgruntled employees, harassment cases, copyright and patent issues, as well as dissatisfied customers and zoning laws. The intricacies of each of these areas requires the assistance of a skilled and knowledgeable professional in the field of law. Professional lawyers are able to help companies navigate the problems they must face in all of these areas.

The perfect time to retain a lawyer for your business is prior to any legal issues. Avoid any legal trouble with your business by having a lawyer that can help you navigate the regulations of your industry. Retaining a lawyer after the fact can result in additional expenses and difficulties.This is true whether you are a large or small firm. Even solo Brazilian entrepreneurs requires the assistance of a lawyer to navigate the intricate legal environment.

There are several options available when choosing a lawyer. Contract lawyers have the ability to review contracts and ensure that the contracts are to your benefit. Incorporation lawyers assist with structuring and setting up a corporation. Real estate lawyers can also handle leasing contracts for commercial buildings. Even intellectual property such as books and designs require legal work.

Carefully selecting a lawyer is essential. Contact organizations within your industry for references. Follow up with existing customers for reviews. Take in consideration the lawyers or law firm’s track record. Select a company that has a good rapport or ranking among former clients. Most importantly, can your lawyer accurately defend your company in the court of law. These matters must not be taken lightly and must be carefully considered.

Ricado Tosto de Oliveria is a well known lawyer in the corporate litigation field. As one of the largest law firms in Brazil, Mr Tosto provides legal assistant to large multinational corporations and well as politicians. He is well versed in the the Brazilian legal system and can provide first rate strategies to navigate a variety of legal situations. Take a step to retain a quality lawyer and take the proactive steps to securing your corporation.

Finding More Clients With Shared Working Spaces


One thing that could be said for businesses is that it takes clients in order for a business to succeed. However, it can be surprisingly challenging to gain clients. For one thing, people depend more than ever on reputation. Therefore, people have to hear good things about a company in order to gain clients. This is especially true with the internet making information easily available to people. For someone who has never had a client, it can be really hard to gain a client. One has to have the marketing and networking skills to gain clients. Fortunately, shared office spaces will help with the gaining of clients.


One of the ways that shared office spaces help with clients is that it makes networking very easy. For one thing, shared office spaces introduces people to networks. For one thing, it is easy to know someone that knows someone. Therefore, with shared office spaces, people will find the clients they need in order to get their business going. Also, as they take the time to satisfy each client that they get, then they will gain more clients because their reputation is pretty good. Therefore, the business is a success for the individual.


One shared office space that is great for building a client base is Workville. Workville is filled with people that are very passionate about their business and NYC coworking in general. They are passionate about work, and they are willing to help others with their work. They are also deeply connected because they have a lot of social skills that others can use. Therefore, it is easy to find clients that one needs in order to build their business. Workville is one of the shared office spaces that are very trustworthy because they have a lot of features and accommodations that can help with the task.