Venezuelan Oil Minister Will Tour OPEC and Non-OPEC Countries According To Assemblyman José Manuel González

Cash-strapped and food deprived, Venezuela is reaching for a lifeline of sorts. Venezuela’s economy is based in the oil business, and that business went to hell, and it took Venezuela with it. Nicolas Maduro, the fanatical President of Venezuela, recently announced that his oil minister, Eulogio Del Pino, would begin a tour of the OPEC nations and the non-OPEC countries in order to persuade them to raise the price of crude oil. That is another attempt by Maduro to formulate an agreement to limit production, and control the global supply gut. But most OPEC nations are more concerned with keeping market share, according to José Manuel González, the Deputy of the National Assembly for the state of Guárico. González has been lobbying for months to put a national agreement in place to stop the economic disaster that is the result of Maduro’s insane economic policies.

González is not just an assemblyman; he is one of Venezuela’s top agriculture entrepreneurs and the former president of the Chamber of Commerce. González watched Maduro shut down farms and businesses when the oil business was booming. Maduro learned how to do that from Hugo Chavez. Chavez chose imports over domestic food and necessities when money was flowing into the country like water. But the money stopped when oil prices plunged in 2014, and Maduro didn’t react, according to Mr. González. The country ran out of money for imports, and the domestic food market was too fractured to pick up production. Now, people have no food, no medicine, no diapers, no toilet paper and other basics. There is also a limited amount of electricity because Maduro is controlling the use of electricity.

Maduro wants to increase the price of oil to $71 a barrel from the current price of $50 a barrel, according to González. Venezuela is the only oil producing country that wants an increase, but it’s not going to happen. What is going to happen is Maduro is going to be thrown out of office if González and the opposition are successful in forcing him out. All eyes are on Venezuela, and many of those eyes are filled with tears from the unnecessary suffering they see there.

Nutrimost Takes A Stand Against Healthy Livings Fraud

Widely popular weight loss company Nutrimost has found themselves at the head of a lawsuit. Nutrimost is suing rival weight loss company Healthy Living for very obvious reasons. If you are familiar with Nutrimost, you have more than likely seen their promotional and advertisement videos. The company alleges that Healthy Living has stolen their video concept for their own website, and to add insult to injury, even stole customer testimonials. The Manhattan Federal Court says that Healthy Living is responsible for the unauthorized use and editing of the Nutrimost promotional video. After the discovery of Healthy Livings deception they were issued a cease-and-desist notice, which they decided to blatantly ignore.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Healthy Living finally decided to take a step toward removing the plagiarized add and made a few modifications to make it more original. Nutrimost requested a settlement of $300,000 and a court order that prevents Healthy Living for ever posting the video again.

Nutrimost was founded by Dr. Ray Wisniewski, PSc.D by his desire to help promote and prove a safe and healthy weight loss solution for adults. Nutrimost strives to give their patients the tools that they need to live and look healthier than ever. They are committed to focusing over the overall health of each patients. Requiring no exercise or intense dieting makes Nutrimost perfect for bust adults. We have all had the thought “I wish this fat would just melt away”. Some of us simply have far too much on our plates to spend hours in the gym. Diets and meal plans can be hard to stick to, especially for people who are always on the go. With Nutrimost, patients can see their unwanted fat virtually melt away as they begin to achieve their goal weight.

Financial Law Sentinel Helane Morrison

In today’s unscrupulous world of financial crime, it is reassuring to know there are regulators such as Helane Morrison serving our financial laws. Morrison can trace her roots to Brooklyn, New York, where she was born. From these beginnings would come a woman dedicated to exposing financial wrongdoing and reestablishing the public’s trust in the industry?

Interestingly enough, her education focus began not in Finance but rather in Journalism. She earned a B.S degree in Journalism from Northwestern University. From there she attended the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law where in 1984 she received her Juris Doctor degree.

Helane Morrison’s early work, immediately following law school, would set the stage for her career. Her first position was as a clerk for the Honorable Richard Posen – US Court of Appeals for the Seventh District. Her later work included serving Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun and joining law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin.

Perhaps in a logical career progression for Morrison, she went to work for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) following her position at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. There she became the Head of Enforcement at the San Francisco SEC office. There she exposed the sale of fraudulent securities to military service members, investigated executives with a history of escaping punishment from previous fraud wrongdoings and helping senior citizens who had been defrauded.

After her service with the SEC, she began work with Hall Capital Partners LLC where she is currently employed as a Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer