Autism Rocks Introduces Two Members in its Board

Autism Rocks is an international charity organization that is London based. The organization was started by Sanjay Shah after he experienced the trauma of having his child deal with the serious condition. Since it was started, the organization has done a lot for the communities affected by autism. The organization creates awareness about the condition and also fund research about the disease. Through the research, people are able to know who can get the condition, identify the condition as early as possible and also identify the support centers that can offer help to the affected individuals for the rest of their lives. Autism is incurable, and it can only be managed most of the times.

In its most recent news, the international organization announced that it will be introducing more members of the board of trustees. According to Sanjay Shah, the founder of the organization, Pete, and Will Best will be the lucky people to get the appointments. They have been acquaintances for many years, and he believes that they will bring a lot of changes in the organization during the year 2016.

While issuing the appointment, Sanjay Shah said that he foresaw Pete and Will Best bringing a lot of difference to his board of trustees, something the company needs in the New Year. The new members have been given the responsibility of managing the organization, fund, affairs, and the musical events. They will also join the rest of the board member in making important decisions concerning Autism Rocks. They will also be answerable to the committee about the short and long-term objectives of the institution.

The organization has flourished a lot since it was started several years ago. It has spread in many parts of the world, and it will benefits a lot from the two new members. The two brothers will help a lot in overseeing the mechanics that operate behind the organization.

Sanjay Shah is a very wealthy individual who has made his wealth in the United Kingdom. He owns many companies all over the world. One of his greatest companies is known as Solo Capital Holdings. The company was incorporated in the year 2011, and it has registered a lot of progress since then.

Sanjay Shah was born to Kenyan parents who migrated and settled in London looking for better lives. He was raised there, going to some of the best schools in central London. He has become a millionaire, and he uses his wealth to help the poor and sick in the society.

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A Recap of What the Capital Restructuring-Madison Street Capital Video Was About

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Madison Street Capital

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