Beneful for the Dog Who Adopted Me

I always thought that I had everything that I needed in my little townhouse. It was large enough for entertaining, yet small enough to keep neat without a lot of effort. I have a short commute to my job and am fairly close to stores and entertainment. Everything was going great and I thought that I had everything that I needed from Beneful. The thoughts of having a pet never occurred to me.

Then one day, it happened. I went outside to water my flower garden and found a visitor admiring my petunias. As a matter of fact, he was doing a little watering himself. Before I could protest, this little black dog was running about my feet and barking like he knew me. I knew that some of my neighbors had pets; however, this dog did not look familiar to me. I tried to gingerly shoo him away, but he thought it was just a game.

After I put up my gardening tools and went in the house, I looked out the kitchen window where I was washing out my coffee cup. Sure enough, the four-footed visitor was frolicking happily in my garden as he was stomping down my Shasta daisies. I opened the window to tell him to go away and he just barked with glee to see me.

He was asleep on my porch when I got home from work. I hoped he would have gone home to his owners by now. He was yapping and running around my feet while I was trying to carry groceries into the house. Before I could stop him, he ran in the house and made himself comfortable on my new leather couch. He was licking me as I picked him up and set him outside. He impatiently barked when I closed the front door.

That evening, the dog took a break from digging in my roses to watch me do some weeding. Every time I stooped to pick a weed, he jumped over to lick me. He was happy that I was with him and I was enjoying his company in spite of myself. I tried to ignore the sight of some of my tulip bulbs that were dug up and lying along the walk.

I took a picture of him and made some fliers to try to find his owner. He needed to eat, so I asked a neighbor what she fed her dog. She said that she and her pet preferred Purina’s Beneful. It has hearty protein like chicken, beef, and lamb. Instead of junky fillers, Beneful has fresh vegetables like carrots and peas. I bought a small bag of Beneful and the little guy loved it.

That was three months ago and no one came to claim the dog. I got so used to having him around that I eventually let him in the house. Since he had adopted me, I decided to give him a name. I named him Hobo, because I found him wondering around the neighborhood. The vet gave him a clean bill of health and Hobo and I are pretty good friends. From day one, Hobo has thrived on Purina Beneful and continues to do so. Now if I could only keep him out of my flower garden, things would be perfect.

Little Known Facts About Environmental Law – And Why They Matter

The environment is something any sane person cannot shun protecting considering the benefits it offers to living beings. Ranging from minerals, to supporting life, the environment stands as a vital necessity that every human being should be concerned about protecting. This has been made possible through the institutionalization and application of laws and treaties, also referred to as environmental laws. These are regulations that seek to secure the environment from irresponsible practices that may lead to damages to natural resources. Environmental laws touch on different parts of the environment, which include soils, water as well as the air we breathe.

Pollution control and remediation has been implemented to ensure all products that are released to the environment are safe to humans as well as other animals and living things in the environment. Most importantly, this law allows for the control of activities that may potentially lead to the destruction of the environment. So, activities like mining are regulated to ensure the levels of emissions released do not impact negatively to the quality of air. Many treaties have been signed with the aim of ensuring the emission of greenhouse gases is minimized and industries that use local means of production have been encouraged to adopt more sophisticated technology that allows them to control the levels of emissions released to the atmosphere.

On electronic devices, laws have been put in place to regulate the production of energy efficient devices that allow humans to save on energy, thereby enabling nations to minimize on reliance on sources of energy that contribute to the pollution of the environment. Activities that are meant to benefit the environment have been issued incentives to encourage protection of natural resources.

Frans Schoeman has been an instrumental supporter of the enforcement and creation of environmental laws for the time he has been working as an attorney. Frans is a graduate from the University of the Free State, where he acquired a degree in Law. He is currently working as the director of TG Minister Consulting as well as the Phatsima Diamond, which is a legal firm based in South Africa. He is among individuals who have offered invaluable assistance towards the actualization of plans that are set to ensure environmental laws are understood by many.

Waste management has been a burning issue for many decades, with professionals drafting new procedures in a bid to curb pollution that comes as a result of poor disposal methods. This has led to the formulation of laws that would see changes in how waste disposal is handled. One of the areas that have received emphasis is the manufacturing industries, which have been put on the spot to ensure their waste is disposed after following treatment procedures and the disposal method used should not compromise the need for a healthy environment. For after-the-effect activities, laws have been set up to ensure the cleanup process is carried out to ensure all contaminants that are noted are wiped completely. This takes expensive technology and procedures that are meant to help make the process easier.

Important Principles of Environmental Law

Environmental law is a collective term relating the network of regulations, treaties, statutes and customary laws concerning the effects of human activities on nature. The following are important principles guiding environmental law all over the world.

Among professionals who have vast knowledge in environmental representation is Frans Schoeman. He is the Director of Phatsima Diamond, a high-profile law firm based in Bellville, South Africa. Schoeman is globally known for dedicating his skills, efforts and dedication to guarantee his client’s case success. His exceptional qualifications, experience, record and dedication to success make him a favorite choice for numerous environmental-related suits. Schoeman is a fighter, and he is highly respected by his colleagues and his clients. With his broad resources, Schoeman assists clients get their desired verdicts in courts.

Sustainable Development
Sustainable development is the improvement that meets the current needs without compromising the potential of the coming generations to have sustainability. It is considered together with concepts such as integration and interdependence. Laws authorizing environmental impact assessment as well as requiring and encouraging development to reduce environmental impacts are assessed against this particular principle.

Equity is the right of coming generations to enjoy a substantial level of the general patrimony. It is the right of everybody within the existing generation to access the current contemporary entitlement to the natural resources. Environmental equity regards the present generation under the responsibility to account for lasting impacts of their activities. They are expected to act to maintain the global resource and environment for future generations. Pollution control, as well as resource management laws, is assessed against this specific principle.

Trans-boundary Responsibility
It is the obligation to safeguard one’s environment and prevent pollution to neighboring environments. Trans-boundary duty at the global level is considered as a limitation on the rights of all sovereign states. Laws that act to curtail externalities imposed on human health and environment are contrasted with this principle.

Transparency and Public Participation
They are identified as critical conditions for governments’ accountability and involvement of the public in environmental preservation. It includes the right of access to comprehensible, appropriate and timely information possessed by governments. It also involves industrial concerns related to economic and social policies about the sustainable utilization of natural resources.

Precautionary Principle
For adequate protection the environment, the precautionary strategy should be applied by governments according to the best of their ability. Where there exists threats of severe or irreversible damage, lack of scientific certainty should not be used as an excuse for postponing cost-friendly measures to avert environmental degradation.

Prevention is considered an overall aim that produces a multitude of legal apparatus including prior evaluations of environmental pollution, permission or licensing. That sets the conditions for functions and consequences for contravention of the conditions and the adoption of approaches and policies.

Polluter Pays Principle
The principle represents the idea that the environmental expenditures of economic activities should be internalized instead of being imposed on societies. All issues related to obligations for the cost of remediation and conformity with pollution regulations involves this basic principle.


Chinese Looking to Buy in NYC

There are many big cities in the world but none of them are quite like New York City. The Big Apple has one of the most consistently booming NYC real estate markets in the world and there are many reasons for this. When other parts of the country suffer down periods, like when the real estate bubble burst a few years ago, they saw slowed down interest in their homes and listings. In New York brokers kept busy, moving apartments and homes, and the market continued driving forward. In Shanghai a group of the most effective NYC brokers met together for the us Real Estate Showcase Forum in Shanghai. They talked work, trends, and making the big sale.

One of the prevailing topics of the Forum, which could partially be thanked due to the setting, was the flood of Chinese real estate buyers in New York City. Right now the Chinese are a big part of the higher end home and apartment sales being made. Part of this is due to the fact that NYC is home to so many big businesses but there is another aspect to it as well. Fredrik Eklund, reality star of “Million Dollar Listing New York”, pointed out that his clients “haven’t truly made it in life” until they own their own apartment in NYC. There is a massive amount of prestige that goes along with becoming an owner in the Big Apple.

Eklund went on to discuss how the city is pandering to these buyers, making it easy to keep the demand high by developing “incredible buildings with insane amenities”. Eklund pointed out what he called the “third new development wave” as a descriptor for the Chinese sales boom currently going on. He referenced the high end luxury apartments and hotels, with almost infinite amenities, as one of the key contributors to the boom.

Jonathan Simon, CEO of Simon Baron Development, made sure to point out that New York is one of the safest big cities in America. He talked about how much the city has cleaned itself up and how that is an attractive feature to purchasers. Big cities are notoriously unsafe in certain parts of the country with one only needing to look to Chicago and L.A. as examples.

Of course Town Residential was also represented with their CEO Andrew Heiberger in attendance. Heiberger talked up Brooklyn, calling it the “next great city”, and pointed out that its influx in popularity was due to the Chinese buyers who are willing to spend between $800,000 and $2 million for a place to live.

Bruce Levenson Skilled Entrepreneur

The business world requires the use of many varied and difficult skills. Anyone who wants to do well here will need to be aware of many factors such as the use of capital, the kind of employees to hire and the needs of the intended customers. A business person who can successfully figure out how to meet such needs and how to balance all competing interests is a business person who will be able to do well in the marketplace and provide a business that is likely to grow both initially and in the future as well. A skilled entrepreneur can take advantage of the many opportunities the market offers them and use such potential market opoortunities to create a business that is going to do well in the modern world.

One person who understands how to harness such skills and how to use them to creat a business venture that will do well in contemporary society is Mr. Bruce Levenson. Mr. Levenson has been very successful in many varied business fields. His work has included ventures in the world of communications and media development as well as other fields that require careful attention to detail and attention to the needs of customers such as that of sports management. Bruce Levenson on wikipedia has been able to use his understanding of many fields in order to do well in business and show others how they can also do the same.

Mr. Levenson is a native of the suburbs of Washington, D.C. He grew up in one of the area’s many vibrant suburbs where he was given a fine education in many different fields. After graduation from high school, Levenson attended Washington University, a much admired university in the dynamic American city of St. Louis. He returned after graduation to this area in order to attend law school at American University in Washington. Here, he mastered many aspects of the legal system and learned how best to work within it.

Since that time, Levenson has been participating in many different business ventures of all kinds. He has helped found the hugely successful communications firm known as the United Communications Group. This company is noted for providing businesses with access to information of all kinds that is updated and accurate. Many companies have worked closely with the United Communications Group in order to be able to have information about various kinds of industries that can help them make all sorts of business decisions and stay ahead of their industry competitors. Mr. Levenson has also been able to help a basketball team learn how best to reach out to their fans and get access to exciting and fun sporting events.

Throw Out the Rules, Be Who You Are

Of course, rules are important in life. However, there are times when you can toss out the rules, be who you are, and have fun.

One makeup company that’s not afraid to to expand their makeup horizons is Lime Crime. One look at their color palettes and you instantly see that they aren’t afraid of color. The bright, bold colors are perfect for weekend fun, or special occasions when you want to show off your bold style. If you visit the website, you’ll find great information on combining colors, and some wonderful ideas that you may want to try. One example, is peach hair and the color palettes that go well with it. Visit Lime Crime website at

The point is, if you love a color such as blue, why not use it? While, you may not want to try out unusual makeup colors when you’re heading to the office, stock on fun weekend shades that you love. Try out new techniques. Be your unique, wonderful, self.

Pick up two makeup bags that you like. This will make it easier to organize your makeup. Designate one bag for your daily makeup collection. This bag can hold your muted colors, and your makeup supplies that follow general make up guidelines about color. The second bag can be your dream makeup bag. This bag can hold all of the colors that you want to try out. When you’re heading out with friends and want to experiment with your look, reach for this bag.

The bottom line is, have fun with your makeup. It’s so easy to become comfortable with a certain look. People get stuck using the same styles and colors year, after year. Makeup should be exciting. It should make you feel good. Remember that makeup washes off, so don’t be afraid to try new colors and new looks. Shake things up with some matte lipstick, instead of the glossy stuff that you usually wear. You may just love it.

Getting the Most Greenery for Your Money in New York

Based upon a recent New York Times Real Estate article, a Real Estate site, called StreetEasy, turned up 156 condo hits which included precious outdoor space that so many New Yorkers seek, under the $500,000 range. The article about NYC apartments for sale on townrealestate chronicles a list of such properties that will allow its tenants to enjoy the beauty of greenery, flowers and private to semi-private outdoor space. Take a look at what New York may have in store for the potential home-buyer:

268 Berkley Place

Located in Park slope, an apartment within this building came upon the market for $435,000. The unit is comprised of 2.5 rooms, one of which is an eat-in kitchen. However, the combination of a garden, large closets and the price, may just make this tiny home a steal.

150 West 56th Street

While the apartment is a little less than 250 square feet, its owner will enjoy a nice terrace with enough room for a little table and set of chairs.

3135 Johnson Avenue

An apartment in this building has reached the market at $324,900, and boasts a whopping 975 square feet! In addition to having a bedroom separate from the living area, the future owner will enjoy a full kitchen and a completely private balcony to enjoy the view of the city and soak up the sun!

239 West 148th Street

Located in the panhandle of upper Manhattan, a first floor, corner apartment here is selling for $499,999. Unlike the smaller apartments, this unit is almost a house of its own. With 2 bedrooms and 1,419 feet this apartment is definitely a steal. But it’s the 300 square foot private backyard that really puts the cherry on top of this amazing home. Imagine a small garden, a place to picnic and a place to enjoy the stars at night.

Town Residential is an unmatched luxury real estate agency which holds a plethora of properties for prospective buyers to choose from. Founded in 2010, This agency hires top-talent to deliver the best sales experience that can be found in all of New York. Whether the buyer is seeking greenery, like the previously mentioned apartments, or the buyer seeks great location with luxury accommodations, Town Residential is set for the task.