New York Economist Christian Broda

Economics explains human behavior in interrelated patterns. The fundamental part of economics revolves around rational decision making about cost consciousness. An economist on looks at the maximization of benefit at the lowest cost available. Also, decisions are made in economics based on analysis of the markets, and prevailing conditions. Market analysis is a skill, which mature economists have and utilize to make appropriate choices. Trend analysis is one of the most helpful tools to understand occurrences and predict future changes in micro and macro factors.

Christian Broda is a New York-based economist. His work is widely read due to the great lessons he teaches people on proper ways of living. The advice is based on analysis of market behavior and future patterns. He specializes in understanding the financial markets, and the factors that cause fluctuations. According to Broda, every occurrence has a reason. He continues to say that if the reason can be ascertained, then the trend for the future events can easily be determined. As a financial professional, Broda is a professor of Economics at Washington University. His work continues to gain fame due to the number of predictions he has made with certainty. In fact, a majority of his economic predictions are found to be right. His work is published in the International Journal of Economics.

In 2004, the Bank of Japan was facing a crisis. Many economists predicted a fall in the system, while Broda showed confidence that the bank would overcome the turmoil. After proper analysis of the Japanese Yen, he assured the Japanese that the bank would not collapse. To date, the Bank of Japan is as high standing as any other banks. Debate rages on whether the United States Dollar will maintain supremacy over other currencies in the international market. The foreign exchange market is a complex market. It is due to the different news received on the changes in a particular currency. Therefore, if the universal currency is hit hard, all other currencies are affected.

Established economists in the industry argued that the dollar should be replaced with a common currency, which does not belong to any country.

In his response, Broda maintained that the dollar already had its lowest state in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis. If the dollar was able to arise from that state, then no other market conditions can kill the dollar dominance. Additionally, Christian explained that emerging markets were facing worse circumstances.  Therefore, he explained that those that are predicting a fall in the dollar are engaging in “wishful thinking.”

Christian Broda And Today’s Economics

As of Monday, August 24th 2015; The news is all a buzz about the recent stock market crash in China and has people looking into their own economy. We question what the future has in store for us and whether or not we will be seeing a repeat of the dark days in the year 2009.  The answer to our future seems to be a few days away. So far the U.S. economy seems to be doing well in comparison to other countries. Oil prices have come to $38 a barrel which seems to be good for the daily commuters and restaurants, but not so much for our investors. As of today we will have to wait it out until we can even make a prediction for the up coming months, but most people seem to like to still hold on to optimism, with good reason.

Christian Broda, having been a professor of economics at the University of Chicago and becoming the most recent managing director at Duquesne Capital Management, he has skillfully written many publications around the years of 2002 to 2009. Articles explaining the stock market and the global economy. With reports of U.S stocks only taking a minor hit and lower yields, we may still see in the short run an opportunity for U.S. citizens to purchase some much needed items such as: refrigerators, cars, stoves, ect.

The Nation has taken to Twitter; with some relating recent event to the Asian financial crisis of 1997 to random racial slurs and obscenities that actually have absolutely nothing to do with our present day predicament, but yet somehow it has found its way in relevance through random words being smashed together with the enthusiasm of a two-year-old with blocks. So far we can all give thanks that this has not devolved into a hashtag that will most likely be misused.

Economic study backs Andy Wirth’s stance on Olympic Valley incorporation


Andy Wirth has been the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings since 2010 and has since become one of the most vocal and well known campaigners for the Olympic Valley region of California. The site of the 1960 Winter Olympics has recently hit the headlines for more than its large number of tourists as the local people attempt to decide whether the area should incorporate into a town, The Sierra Sun reports. Andy Wirth is one of the main critics of the plan as he feels the incorporation of the area does not make economic or cultural sense for this popular year round tourist area.

Since arriving at Squaw Valley, Wirth has joined a number of groups working to secure the natural beauty of the area while exploring the tourist industry to its fullest potential. Wirth has not only become President of the board of trustees for Reno International Airport, but has also become an active member of boards as diverse as the Lake Tahoe Winter Olympics Committee and the North Routt Fire Protection District. Through his work and voluntary projects Andy Wirth has been able to judge for himself the best decision to take regarding the incorporation of Olympic Valley.

The completed economic study explains the Olympic Valley area would be too reliant on income from the seasonal tourist industry to survive incorporation, but supporters are now looking for adjustments to be made to the study and an environmental impact study completed before a decision is made.