Hussain Sajwani and Damac Properties

According to Hussain Sajwani, there has been a tremendous growth in Asia that interest him. For instance, the growth that China is experiencing drives his interests. His organization Damac Properties has had its presence in the Chinese markets for some years now, and he is looking forward to extending that presence in the area. The emerging middle class of China continues to rise in terms of value, and this creates an excellent opportunity to access extra investors because currently, that the bilateral relations between China and UAE have increased.

Hussain Sajwani claims that when it comes to his organization, diversity plays a significant role. Diversity to him provides different views, perspectives, and ideas to choose from when it comes to creating strategic plans or making vital business decisions. Hussain goes ahead to say that diversity provides them with a range which is essential for any organization. At his company, they have more 77 people from different countered working with them.

Hussain does not have much interest when it comes to reading about politics. He is always concerned with strategies as well as the changes that may harm his company. This makes him come up with the necessary adjustments that make his organization grow. As mentioned on his website, his organization is ready to adapt to any change that comes from politics that may bring changes to the markets as well to the industry dynamics. He and his company can revise their strategies to exploit the best opportunities at hand while decreasing its exposure to outside pressures.

The idea behind the Damac as well as its success dates back to the founding fathers of UAE. The father believed as well as understanding the value that comes with developing strong, united nation that would act as a link between the west and the east. He claims that he naturally is an entrepreneur and he was aware of the significance that comes with developing your business from home from a young age. When the government of UAE allowed the development of real east industry in the country, he immediately came up with his organization Damac Properties and all has been a success since them. The organization has grown and now seeks to expand to other parts of the world.

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Ryan Seacrest Juggles More Than Most Know

Unless you are not much of a television fan and have no use for conventional radio stations anymore, you have probably heard of Ryan Seacrest. Ryan made his debut for most fans as the hit singing competition, American Idol began on Fox. However, there is much more to the multi-faceted celebrity than most realize.

Recently, Ryan Seacrest moved from his home in Los Angeles, to join his co-host Kelly Ripa on Live!, their morning talk show. He also juggles between producing TV shows like American Idol and a few shows on the E! network. Another one of Ryan’s endeavors is running his own men’s fashion apparel company and skincare line. If that didn’t seem like enough already he also co-hosts a nationally famous radio talk show and has taken over for the iconic Casey Kasum on the American Top 40 lineup.

According to Men’s Journal, it seems impossible for someone to have a personal life with so much on their plate, but somehow, Seacrest does it! Every day, according to Ryan, he adheres to a strict routine that he has set for himself. Every day starts off with Matcha and Coffee and some catching up on the news before riding to work to join Kelly on their morning show. Somewhere in his day, Ryan finds time to head to the gym and work on his fitness. It’s important to him that he eats well and can enjoy a great bottle of wine at a table with his loved ones, that is why he juggles so much at one time and does it so effortlessly!

As a celebrity with so much self-discipline and motivation to make his life as fulfilled as possible, as per the NY Times, Ryan is quite the inspiration for those of us who are looking to do something more with our time. As a man that also suffers from attention deficit disorder, Ryan Seacrest is a great role model for those children who are trying to find a good way to manage their symptoms of the ailment. Ryan has shown that with perseverance, determination, and self-discipline, anyone can achieve their dreams and have the life they’ve always wanted.

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Victoria Doramus Short Life Story

Victoria Doramus in her early days she started showing an interest in communication, besides that she had an interest in arts and history. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado in Boulder, and she studied mass communication and copywriting.

The first job she worked as an assistant media planner at Mindshare Company since 2006 to 2007, she used to form relationships with media managers, discussing deals with media sellers and working with the companies customers to create a branded content.

She later joined the Tendura brand, and that’s where she created a path for becoming an author, and she joined freelance writing and worked for Huffington post and cosmopolitan, and also she wrote and helped in research for few books.

In 2016 it was her first time to go to the Tucson Arizona rehab at the age of 26 after suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. After spending 45 days in that rehabilitation Centre, she could not be able to manage her life, and the habit seemed to follow her everywhere even when she tried to move to new places.

Later that year she joined another rehab in Connecticut for 60 days. While in rehab her mother was dying of cancer and she was her motivation, and she had withdrawal, and so she left the rehab. On January 2017 shew went to Austin Texas in a rehab called Burning Tree where she could have her long-term treatment.

In the rehab, she was dedicated to fighting her addiction to prove her sick mother she can do it, and later she managed to be free from addiction, and the first thing she did was to go home and visit her mum.

Victoria Doramus after her struggle with addiction, now she is living a humble life, eating healthy foods and also working hard.

In her mind she has a plan to start a halfway house in New York City to help the people who are addicts of alcohol and wants to get sober again, this is a sign to give back to the community since there were people who helped her through her recovery journey. Check out Victoria’s closet on

SoftBank’s Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group

In 2017, there was an acquisition in the business world that left some investment analysts scratching their heads. SoftBank acquired Fortress Investment Group in a deal that saw Fortress shareholders receive a 39 percent premium on the share price. Those who owned Fortress shares received $8.08 per share when the deal was finalized.

SoftBank and Fortress Investment Group are very different companies. SoftBank was founded in Japan as a computer software firm. In the last few years, SoftBank has acquired several internet startup companies as well as some other tech companies. Before now, SoftBank has not sought out adding an investment company to its portfolio.

Fortress Investment Group is an alternative investment company that has over $40 billion in assets under its management. The company was the first alternative investment company to go public.

Many believe that the reason that SoftBank acquired Fortress Investment Group is due to the fact that both companies have a track record of branching out from their traditional field of business. SoftBank started acquiring telecom companies for instance. For Fortress, they have had to adapt to a number of changes within the financial services industry over the course of the last few years. They have had to diversify there lines of interest to include real estate and private equity investments.

Even though Fortress Investment Group has been acquired by SoftBank, nothing is really going to change as far as Fortress in concerned. Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Peter Briger who are the principles of Fortress will remain actively involved with the company in their current roles. These three gentleman, along with the staff at Fortress, will continue to look for investments that will provide significant returns for their clients.

Wes Edens of Fortress has stated that he is very pleased with the SoftBank acquisition, and he is pleased that Fortress is no longer a publicly traded company. For him, it will mean not having to discuss the company’s earnings when quarterly earnings reports are issued.

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The Necessary Reform and Path to Move Forward for Steve Ritchie and Papa John’s

The wise man would say that being human is an excuse enough to commit mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable and are as natural as a baby crying for food. This maxim or insight would have to best represent the current events happening to Papa John’s and its CEO Steve Ritchie. In an article from INC, people can learn that Steve Ritchie is now officially posting a public apology for the backlash that Papa John’s has recently overcome. The backlash involved an indiscreet or overlooked set of words uttered by the former administration of Papa Johns, but through Steve Ritchie’s apology, is now resolved.

According to Crunchbase, it should also be added that CEO Steve Ritchie is now implementing new policies, reforms or changes into Papa John’s management. After crafting a sincere apology letter to its customers, Steve Ritchie stated that he will use his 22 years of working for Papa John’s as a tool to push for more necessary reforms. He also cited that the backlash recently received by the firm was in no way a representation of his views for the firm. He added that his leadership would also tolerate no form of racism or insensitive language that could put into jeopardy the performance of the company.

With more than 120,000 employees for Papa John’s, it’s a big responsibility for Steve Ritchie Papa Johns to always do things right. In this path, he decided to make sure that Papa John’s would not only be offering better pizza for its customers, but also the kind of inspiring management style that is worth emulating. He even highlighted in his statements that Papa John’s is a community with local owners and operators, and for that alone, the company should be offering the best service it can offer.

One of the many changes in the administration of Steve Ritchie’s Papa John’s is the fact that its senior management would go around the country to visit the branches and give a talk on how to move forward. This move will ensure that all employees are on the same page and path to continue growing a multinational firm as ominous as Papa John’s. Follow Steve on Twitter.


David McDonald’s Unlikely Story With OSI Group

David Mcdonald never thought he’d be in charge of a multinational conglomerate when he was growing up on a farm in Iowa. He learned the Midwestern values of hard work, honesty and punctuality while growing up in rural Iowa. He also learned to value the work of farmers, and that’s perhaps why he commands so much respect in the food supply industry.

The hardworking David Mcdonald set his sight high. He attending Iowa State University where he won many accolades for his intelligence and work ethic. He earned himself a bachelor degree in animal sciences before landing an internship at OSI Group. He was immediately taken under the wing of the CEO.

David Mcdonald became a project manager before ascending to COO. OSI Group is all he’s ever known in the professional world and he wants to keep it that way for the rest of his career. He believes that the company is imbued with midwestern values and that’s why the company has become so successful. But OSI Group’s origin story is one of hard work, perseverance, a little bit of luck and unprecedented growth.

The worldwide conglomerate got its start as a butcher shop run by a German immigrant named Otto back at the turn of the 20th century. The immigrant worked hard to grow his business into a meat supply company which he eventually named Otto and Sons. This is when the company really took off.

They partnered with the founder of McDonald’s to be one of dozens of meat suppliers across America. They invested the profits of this venture into research and development of new freezing technologies. Their new meat freezing tech allowed them to get out ahead of the competition in order to become the main meat supplier for the most successful restaurant in history. The growth was exponential.

Under David Mcdonald, the company has diversified and expanded to 17 different countries. More than 20,000 employees rely on what is now known as OSI Group. But the company still keeps the same headquarters in Illinois right down the road from the original McDonald’s restaurant that started it all.

Dubai Real Estate Developer Looks to Maintain Ties to Trump Organization

The Dubai based real estate developer Hussain Sajwani is looking to further establish valuable relations with Donald Trump and his company the Trump Organization. These two real estate entrepreneurs met on New Year’s Day to talk about their business dealings. One of the most significant projects that they completed together was the Trump International Gold Club. This project resulted in the construction of a golf course in close proximity with luxury villas. After completing this project, the two agreed to continue working together in the future. However, due to Donald Trump being elected as President of the United States, the future business dealings between him and Sajwani will need to be put on hold while Trump is in office.

With Donald Trump serving as the President, Sajwani will now have to work directly with Trump’s three children. His sons Don Jr and Eric and daughter Ivanka will now stay in contact with Sajwani to discuss future business projects. For Sajwani, this will be very favorable due to the positive relations he has with them. Recently, Hussain Sajwani expressed much praise for the Trump children. When he talked about them, he said that they are very protective of the company image and brand. He said that they are also very dedicated to completing various projects that benefit the organization and their clientele. The Trump children are also very focused on all of the details of the business as well. As a result, Sajwani believes that the Trump children will be a pleasure to work with.

According to Crunchbase, Hussain Sajwani is a billionaire real estate developer and founder of the company called DAMAC Properties. The company was founded in the year 1976 and operates out of Dubai. Throughout the history of the company it has been developing a number of residential and commercial properties in the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the Middle East. Sajwani looks to continue completing projects that will benefit various communities in the region. Prior to becoming a real estate developer, Sajwani founded a food service company. This area of his business was one that provided meals and catering to a number of individuals and businesses.

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Western Union and PSI Pay Financial Service Revolution

Western Union is known for its Global money transfer platform which allows people from all over the world to send and receive funds conveniently and quickly. Their services have been available in over 200 countries and territories including the United States. The company was founded in 1851, over 167 years ago in Rochester, New York, united states, and is still the leading financial service for monetary transfers worldwide. They offer services including bill pay, transfer tracking, price estimation, wire transfers, money orders, and other services which can be accessed online or at one of their many locations.

Western Union has always been known for their convenience and hassle-free financial services, but now that they have partnered with ecoPays online wallet, they can provide even more comfort to their users. A new kind of online payment processor is here, the global network created by the Western Union Company, the leader in currency transactions and exchange in the Nation has partnered with PSI-Pay LTD a global provider of online payment services to businesses and consumers alike based in the U.K.

What does this mean for their users? Now ecoPayz customers can withdraw and move funds via western union platforms wherever they are available in more than 150 countries and territories. Customers in the UK can transfer domestic or international funds from their ecoAccounts into billions of partnering banks for cash payouts in various currencies. ecoPayz is renown for their immediate monetary transfers online and from commercial facilities, partnered with Western Union they now have the ability to reach more territories and provide services to international clients. ecoPayz offers prepaid cards accessible to Western Union users who have ecoAccounts giving users the freedom to use millions of locations and withdraw fund from any ATM worldwide. Each company complements the other providing services and coverage that the other lacks, creating a masterful financial service provider for the world to share and transfer currencies stress-free.

For more information visit and watch their informative videos on their blog. Heres to a new revolution in monetary solutions!

Paul Mapilly: The Financial Mushroom

Paul Mampilly has been in the business of investing for more than twenty-five years. He graduated with a Master’s degree in accounting and Finance from Fordham University. When he got into the market he was one of the hottest commodities traders to come along in years. He was able to manage portfolios for big companies and make company executives rich. He had also honed his skills as a hedge fund manager as well. In 2006, he decided to step away from the high-end rigors of Wall Street and take stock of his life. Now he is the head of his own consulting firm and writes articles about investing for Banyan Hill Publishing.

In an interview with, Paul Mampilly told Eric Dye that while he was on Wall Street he would do everything he could to outwork other financial experts. He sais that he was willing to put in the long hours of work just to make sure that he did things the right way. When he was working he would read everything he could about a stock or a company that was coming up. He spent an average of twelve to fourteen hours each workday reading materials. It may have been tough but Paul Mampilly knew he was doing the right thing.

Paul Mampilly shares many articles about Wall Street and corporations with his readers. In one recent article, he shared, Ted Bauman writes about the demise of the American corporation. In the 1970’s corporation profit came from almost half of the top one hundred most profitable listed firms. In recent memory, the number has jumped to more than eighty percent of profits. The reason for this surge is due to the fact that smaller corporations can’t compete with big well-known companies. They are getting squeezed out more and more each day.

Paul Mampilly knows the hustle and bustle of the Wall Street floor. Now he can take stock of his life through two less demanding but challenging positions. He still likes to work hard for his clients but the playing field has changed from bigwigs to ordinary folks.

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Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a newly retired pediatric surgeon. His prestigious career spanned almost half a century and allowed him to help countless children in need of medical attention.

Along with medical attention, innovative ideas and self-sacrifice that Dr. Saad passed on to his many patients, he also passed on words of wisdom and encourage whenever possible. Words he lived by and also taught his children to live by.

The Beginning

Dr. Saad begin life in Palestine during the turbulent 1940‘s. His family was forced to re-locate and start a new life when he was a young child. The first re-location was soon followed by a second move to Kuwait where his father, a skilled petroleum mechanic, would able to work and support his family.

Dr. Saad spent most of his childhood in Kuwait where he attended school and listened to the valuable advice his father gave to him; get a good education and you can do anything and be anybody in this world.

That seed of advice was planted and took root in young Saad Saad’s heart. A hot summer day and heat stroke led him to pursue a career in medicine so he could always work in the cool environment of the operating room.

Fatherly advice and a heat stroke helped a Palestinian refugee become an acclaimed pediatric surgeon. He freely tells his story to encourage others to pursue their dreams. Here are some timely Saad Saad advice topics that can be applied to anyone’s life.

Don’t Accept Anything But The Success You Seek

Dr. Saad set a goal for himself on that hot summer day in Kuwait when he suffered a heat stroke. He never gave up until he reached that goal. He graduated from medical school, with honors, as the salutatorian and became an innovative pediatric surgeon who always worked in the cool environment of a hospital operating room.

Never Wait Until Tomorrow To Accomplish A Task You Can Do Today

Saad lived by this rule and was able to make the most of every day. It helped his use his time efficiently and achieve a higher level of success. He became a U.S Board Certified pediatric surgeon, soon after he became the pediatric surgeon for the Saudi Royal Family as well as any child in Saudi Arabia who needed a surgical procedure performed.

Not Impossible

The final bit of Saad Saad advice is – reaching your goal is not impossible if you insist upon it. Dr. Saad’s long career is proof of that. Learn more :