A “Family” Birthday Bash

Page Six has reported that hip-hop icon Jay Z has orchestrated a 50th birthday bash for Juan “OG” Perez. These two movers and shakers have a twenty plus year friendship and business relationship in which Perez and his wife Desiree have quietly managed Jay-Z’s business. According to Page Six Jay Z, Desiree Perez, and other friends kicked off the celebration in NYC over Presidents Day weekend.

The extravagant celebration began with dinner in midtown at Zuma the critically acclaimed Japanese restaurant. Jay Z, Juan, Desiree, Roc Nation executives and close friends dined on fine lobster, steak, and sushi. The festivities then moved to Made in Mexico a club/restaurant in Inglewood for after dinner drinks. Splurging on premier Cognac for the entire birthday entourage.

The Playroom Nightclub was the next lavish destination for this well-heeled band of birthday revelers. It was reported that the more than 40 bottles of Ace of Spades Rose champagne were uncorked there celebrating OG’s fiftieth. After completing these many champagne toasts the original crew spit up and Jay Z, OG, and four other friends finished out the night together.

An ambitious server at the club posted Jay-Z’s receipt on Snapchat and the story of the Juan “OG” Perez and the birthday bash immediately went viral. Revealing nearly a $100,000 dollar bar tab at the Playroom. Add this to the tab for the dining experience at Zuma, and the elite Cognac consumed at Made in Mexico and it adds up to one unbelievably decadent birthday party.

But these are smart guys. The $9000 bill for Cognac was somewhat offset by the fact that Jay Z is a partial owner of the company that sells the Cognac. Ace of Spades Rose champagne is a brand purchased by Jay Z in 2014. So this birthday bash was truly all in the family.

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NetPicks Show Investors How To Work The FX Market

Online trading company NetPicks offers a new trading strategy, Forex trading, and with their 24-hour service traders can invest in a currency’s price movement (releasefact.com). Forex trading deals in the exchange of currency. The value of a nation’s dollar constantly fluctuates, by paying attention to where that dollar has the most value, a savvy trader can exchange monies at a rate that nets them profit. In order to do this they have to know what the rates are and when they will fluctuate. Enter NetPicks and its comprehensive services.

NetPicks offers training, coaching, access to charts, and 24-hour live signal so traders can trade in various cities. Cities like New York, London, Sydney, Paris, and Tokyo participate in financial exchanges daily. The Forex market reportedly deals in $4 Trillion dollars in transactions per day. As each city operates on a different time zone, NetPicks allows traders to deal in every city. If the New York markets close, the Sydney markets are open, and if the Sydney markets close then Tokyo is open. For additional reading, refer to financeswire.com.

The Forex Market is very liquid. The extreme liquidity is caused by the fact most transactions deal directly in cash. This is great as it allows traders to buy and sell with ease. The market has very few options however, as most investments are relegated to currency pairs. Traders have options limited to what has been established. They deal in the U.S. dollar versus yen, or pound sterling versus U.S. Retail traders adore the Forex Market as its high liquidity comes from explosive price movements. Leveraging is permitted in the Forex Market, allowing investors to spend small amounts with the use of a margin account. All of this information is available from NetPicks, the site will give users a complete understanding of how to deal in the market.

NetPicks was created back in 1996 and has been dealing in online trading ever since. It is headquarted in Texas, and has been providing personal trading for 25 years, while educating people on the market for 17. It is equipped with a full staff of professional traders and offers practical experience.

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How Sheldon Lavin Came To Lead OSI Group And The Impact Of His Leadership

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the board of an international food and meat processing and distribution company based in Aurora, Chicago. He took over leadership of the processor in the late 70s, having joined in as its chief financial officer earlier in the decade. And while Sheldon hasn’t ben always an entrepreneur, his involvement in OSI group has seen the company evolve from a state-based meat processor to an internationally acclaimed food distributor with presence in over 17 countries around the world.

How did he end up in OSI group?

Six decades into its existence, OSI group, formerly known as Otto and Sons Company, started experienced some cash flow problems that threatened its very survival. Otto’s Sons who led the company at the time hired Sheldon Lavin as the company’s chief financial officer. By then Sheldon was an accounting and finance professional with an established career in the banking industry. He was primarily charged with the role of pioneering the company’s capitalization efforts.

In 1975, Otto’s sons asked Sheldon Lavin to join the company as director and partner. The experienced finance professional would use his new role to initiate a series of operational reforms in the company aimed at reverting it back to profitability. He would also use his connections in the world of finance and investment to attract funding for the company aimed at streamlining such operational inefficiencies use of redundant technology. His contributions and personal investments in the company earned him a controlling stake with the food processor and in effect prompted the change of name from Otto and sons to OSI Group.

Sheldon’s impact on the company

Under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, OSI group has blossomed from a small meat distributor in Chicago to an international food processing giant. It has also expanded operations to include fresh foods and poultry processing and distribution as one of its core products. Most importantly, his marketing and commitment to quality have seen the company has regained the trust of numerous national and international companies that rely on it to supply them with fresh and quality processed foods daily.

The assumption of office by Sheldon Lavin also saw the company change its operational ad expansionary tactics. For instance, the food distributor has turned to more technologically sophisticated food processing systems within their facilities. Instead of establishing processing facilities and having to compete for space with existing brands, OSI group has turned to the more efficient acquisition of national brands in different countries. The two strategies have effectively played a significant role in the company’s expansion and market domination.

About  Sheldon Lavin: www.ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/SheldonLavin-OSIGroup17.htm

Robert Deignan, the Force behind ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan is the co-founder and Chief Executive of ATS Digital Services. ATS provides various kinds of technological support ranging from correcting faulty network connections, digital data storage, to troubleshooting. Robert obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University and later on ventured into business starting Fanlink, Inc. After this initial foray into entrepreneurship, Robert switched roles and became the Vice President of iS3 Inc., a software enterprise that offers digital security, tailored technical support, among other services.

During his tenure at iS3 Inc., Robert realized that customers were experiencing trouble installing the company’s anti-malware product due to malware that was blocking the process. Robert and his team decided to start offering remote installation services at a fee. He and his associates surmised that remote connection technology was a viable business opportunity and this formed the premise for ATS Digital Services. With ATS, Robert wished to solve nearly every digital technology problem that customers encounter and do this precisely. ATS prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service and this attributed to the breadth of knowledge the staff has to resolve just about any technical issue.

ATS emphasizes on helping customers remotely so technicians don’t have to visit customers’ homes or offices not unless the service requires physical work. This approach saves time and is more efficient as problems can be dealt with promptly. The company employs a range of experts who are highly skilled to perform services such as activation, set up, repairing gadgets, etc. More so, ATS provides the best software to ensure that systems are up-to-date which adds another level of efficiency for laptops, tablets, and phones.

Having been in the technology business for more than a decade, Robert understands that rapid changes in technology present a challenge to maintaining a unified digital environment. To this end, he has established a highly talented ensemble of technicians who deliver an unmatched service and customers know they are getting the best. In 2017, ATS reached a significant industry milestone by becoming the inaugural call center certified by AppEsteem to offer premium support services to client software applications. This partnership demonstrates that ATS is devoted to inclusive client-focused compliance in its unwavering quest to be an indomitable market leader.


Making Trading Easier and More Comfortable.

Netpicks Forex Trading have been helping clients make wise and academic decisions on trading options and stocks over a period of 22 years since 1996. Allowing traders invest in currency price movements, they try to predict if the prices will fall or rise (hitechchronicle.com).

Using a decentralized market, Netpicks forex trading allows clients trade currency pairs electronically over the globe including major cities like London, New York and Paris. There are steps in trading on a forex market like determining what risk is involved for the particular currency, buying the currency considering the variables for the trade, understanding the market in order to place a trade to sell or buy .

Due to the fact the trader is monitoring the changes he/she can place new trades to override previous trades.For a trader to become comfortable with the markets, he needs to monitor political news, price fluctuation, economic updates and other policies of the country related to the currency in question. Studying the rise and fall in relation to those issues is key to successful trading and can go a long way to building the clients experience and skill level.

To better take advantage of the market, Netpicks newsletters collect easy methods like tricks to capitalize on the market, giving traders the experience and opportunity to win big while offering lessons for traders of all levels.

Netpicks have a swing trading system that allow traders cut the time of trading while making use of the line of trend. Unlike the average swing system, you don’t have to spend hours waiting for a trade. In this case you can set up a trade in less than half an hour allowing the algorithm to work. The term getting in synch” perfectly describes this process. From the feedback, the customers seem to be loving the platform and are happy with the system. There are some advantages of using the swing method like time efficiency, flexibility with other systems, complete knowledge of stop strategy, entry points and profit target. The algorithm puts the trader in a position of comfort with none of the variables being left to chance. More on netpicks.com.


How Peter Briger, Got Into The Bitcoin Business

At the dawn of the year 2013, Peter Briger was heli-skiing in the Canadian Rockies together with other top finance guys and investors, among them Wences Casares. Casares is an Argentinean serial entrepreneur and a board member of PayPal and also the Chief Executive Officer of Xapo. He is a devoted advocate of cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin. Caseres was out to convince Peter Briger that Bitcoin would be the new technology that would completely change the way people transfer money.

At the time Bitcoin was an emerging technology and was used as the primary currency in the infamous Silk Road online black market. Nevertheless, Casares believed that Bitcoin had more to it than it was being put to use. He highlighted to Peter Briger and other New York financialists that Bitcoin was actually a network that could be used to move money from any corner of the world by the click of a button.

This was music to the ears of Briger and the other banking professionals since; their business involved making millions of money transfers between financial institutions in different countries.

Entry into Bitcoin

Peter Briger was intrigued by Casare’s Bitcoin pitch, recognizing that there existed a huge gap in the process of international money transfer. Wences was on the same page with Briger and he said he was deeply disappointed that transferring money between different nations took so long.

According to him, he envisioned Bitcoin as a platform that would operate in a similar way as Skype, but in this case, it would be exchanging money. Briger is an expert investor in distressed companies and his experience in identifying broken systems convinced him that the current system of transferring money was broken. Briger has gained experience in the world of finance for many years ever since he graduated from Princeton University.

As the head of Fortress credit and real estate business he hence put the foot on the pedal and began looking for ways to get Fortress look into the cryptocurrencies and identify investment opportunities. He proceeded to open a Mt. Gox account and put $100,000 of his money into Bitcoin.

Briger picked his former Goldman Sachs colleague, Dan Morehead to spearhead a team at Fortress that would be fully dedicated to addressing Bitcoin viability. Briger hoped to get other big investors jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon. He set up a meeting with Wells Fargo, one of United States biggest bank and pitched them the whole Bitcoin mechanism. This raised the prospects of Bitcoin becoming a mainstream system and also attracted Wall Street attention.

More about Peter Briger

Briger is the Co-Chairman of the board of directors at Fortress Investment Group. He is a principal of Fortress and also heads Fortress’s Credit and Real Estate business. Peter also worked at Goldman Sachs for fifteen years before switching to Fortress. He holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A from Princeton University. According to Forbes, Briger is among the top four hundred billionaires with an estimated net worth of $1.5 billion.

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NetPicks Providing Fundamental Forex Trading Knowledge

NetPicks, an online trading company advice people, to trade in currency pairs movements. FX trading which is also known as currency trading, Forex trading, or foreign exchange trading provides traders with opportunities to trade currency pairs in a market that is not centralized. This is done through electronic over-the-counter financial exchanges based in world’s leading cities such as New York, Paris, Sydney, London, and Tokyo.

When one market closes, another one opens in another city. For example, when the market in Sydney closes, traders can still conduct trading in the Tokyo market. This provides traders with an opportunity to trade at any time of the day. NetPicks offers active signals and chats with can help traders to make trades in 24 hours a day.


Traders mostly prefer making trades on the spot which is also known as spot trading, but they can also carry out trades though future markets and forward markets. Futures and forwards markets are recommended for the business persons who would like to hedge their risks.

NetPicks says that one of the reasons that make FX trading an attractive venture is due to its liquidity characteristic (netpicks.com). In a given day, about $5.2 trillion is traded in forex trading. Unlike stock markers which provide various investment choices, FX trading offers limited trading options which are usually in major currency pairs.

How NetPicks advises trades on how to carry out trades

  • Before making any trade, determine the risk factors of the chosen currency pairs.
  • Purchase a pair with the wager that the base currency will increase in price as compared to the quote currency.
  • Sell a pair on the wager that the quote currency will decrease in price as compared to the base currency.
  • Place a sell or a buy order. A trader can be able to see the possible loss, potential profit and market price in real time. With this information, a trader can shut down current orders or place new ones.
  • After a trader closes down his or her trades, he or she can be able to see the possible loss or potential loss.

NetPicks also advises amateur traders to study the market first before carrying out any trades.

More about NetPicks

The firm was established in 1996. NetPicks is there to help traders to achieve all their financial goals. Lead by Mark Soberman who is the CEO of the firm, NetPicks provides excellent information about FX trading (ceocfointerviews.com).

The End Citizens United fight is not in vain.

The Supreme Court passed the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling after the Citizens United took the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case to the court in 2010. The Citizens United took the case to the Supreme Court after they lost in the federal courts in 2008.

The 2008 case followed a demand by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to the Citizens United to reveal the sponsors of a 90 minutes-long campaign ad aired on the television. The ad was known as Hillary: The Movie which sought to oppose Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidential office.

The ruling indicates that the government has no right to interfere with fundraising conducted by organizations aimed to finance campaigns. The government also cannot regulate the spending of funds by a specific organization in a particular campaign. Many feel that this ruling has tied the government hands in limiting the power of organizations to determine an election result.

Many political organizations have risen to reverse the Citizens United v. FEC ruling together with its effects. They are also seeking a legal way to end the Citizens United. Among the leading organizations in the fight is End Citizens United that was established on March 1, 2015. It upholds it stand by raising money for its activities from grassroots.

The organization has its headquarters based in Washington, DC. The following are experienced and able leaders of End Citizens United: Tiffany Muller (President and Executive Director), Matt Burgess (Executive Vice President), Adam Bozzi (Communications Director), Anne Feldman (Press Secretary), Andrew Lasker (Finance Director) and Jordan Wood (Political Director). A well-abled board also characterizes the organization.

The preparations for the 2018 election cycle are underway. It aims at raising $35 million for its activities this year. The endorsement of 130 candidates for 2018 has already been carried out. These are to finance from the corporate PAC funding. The End Citizens United seeks to help candidates that turn down colossal financing offers from individuals and corporate PAC.

This year, the corporation targets politicians who accept the “big money” finance. It has named them “the Big Money 20.” The organization’s reason for targeting these leaders is the claim that the leaders have upheld policies favoring their donor’s interests rather than the ordinary people.

With the help of several other factors, End Citizens United is succeeding in its efforts. For example, among the many Republican retirements is the Congress House Speaker Paul Ryan, one of “the Big Money 20.”

Learn More: endcitizensunited.org/our-team/

Why Netpicks Thinks A Simple Trading Strategy Works Better Than Complex Methods

There’s so much noise in the world of investment and stock trading. In fact, according to Netpicks and experts like Nassim Taleb, it is usually this noise that hinders one’s assets to grow and one’s decision-making skills to be clouded. Fortunately, there are now alternatives that can lower the rate of distortion and noise in an investment strategy, and increase the traders’ opportunity to grow their portfolio. In a recent article from Netpicks, it is claimed that one right way to do this is through the use of “simple trading” techniques.

Overlooked Simple Trading Strategy

When Netpicks proposes the idea of simple trading, it doesn’t’ mean that one should just put all the assets in random funds and hope for the best. Doing that seems to make one’s assets more vulnerable to hidden risks and blow-ups. What Netpicks proposes is a trading style whose risks are still calculated through a robust risk management set-up but still allows for the edge and benefits to play out over time.

One problem right now with most traders is that they rely too much on various data, such as news releases, trading indicators, finance forums, investor guide sites and anything that shells out advice for any trader. While there’s inherently nothing wrong with understanding the principles in all of this data, relying too much on them makes a trader fall into the trap of what is aptly called an options or analysis paralysis.

When this paralysis happens, a trader misses significant data that helps grow their assets and even harms their trading activity in the process, not unlike what happens when one who is distracted by too much light and noise in the street gets harmed when he crosses it.

However, Netpicks offers a precaution. Only you can decide whether a simple approach works better on you. The best way to know the effect of a more straightforward approach is to use the simple strategy in a trade cycle, and then compare the results with the last run of your trades that don’t use more straightforward procedures.

About Netpicks

Netpicks is an online trading education resource founded in 1996 headed by Mark Soberman (ceocfointerviews.com). The trading education and systems offered by Netpicks come from a coaching team that’s composed of actual and experienced traders.

It is the goal of Netpicks in the last 25 years of its personal trading experience to offer both beginners and advanced traders the basic principles to start and to prosper in their trading journey.

Glen Wakeman Does So Much To Help Entrepreneurs Find The Success They Have Been Seeking

Glen Wakeman is more than familiar with what it takes to be a living success, and he loves to help others find ways to be successful, as well. He has found a way to do this through his company, LaunchPad Holdings, LLC., where he mentors and guides early-stage entrepreneurs, which helps them to get their ideas off of the ground (https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180423006068/en/Glen-Wakeman-Reveals-Launchpads-Benefits-Mentoring-Early-Stage). Wakeman started out his young life by attending the University of Scranton where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Economics and Finance. He decided to get more schooling and studied at the University of Chicago until he received his MBA.

After finishing up his education, Glen Wakeman decided to work with GE Capital where he remained for the next 20 years of his life. During his time with GE, he lived and worked in 6 different countries, which taught him a lot about doing business on an international level. He worked in many different leadership roles while with the company including roles in its business development departments, general management, and with the management of its overall operations. The culmination of his experience with the company led to him being the CEO of GE Money Latin America. It was in this role that he helped to construct operations for the company that spanned 9 different countries and earned more than $2 billion with 17,000 employees under him.

What many people don’t know about Glen Wakeman is that he is a great writer on top of everything else he does. On his blog, he writes engaging content, and he produces quite a bit of it. In his writing, readers find plenty of information that can help them get their ideas off of the ground and that help them to be better entrepreneurs. Wakeman also mentors early-stage entrepreneurs directly through his company LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. and Nova Four. Many hopeful entrepreneurs have been more than happy with the advise that Wakeman has shared with them, and so many people have found success after the time they have spent with him. This is what satisfies him the most, and he plans on continuing to increase entrepreneurs chances of finding the same kind of success he has in his life.